The operational resilience ecosystem: Better managing third party risk by linking your own reliance with that of your suppliers.

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Operational resilience has never been more relevant to firms due to unprecedented challenges and changes seen throughout 2020. What firms have increasingly discovered is that when considering resilience you should not only consider internal processes but also take a wider view, to consider the resilience of your suppliers too — especially those supporting critical functions.

With the challenges encountered in a socially distanced and increasingly working from home workplace, how can firms ensure the same quality of risk management and audit processes to monitor the performance and resilience of their third parties?.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding who your critical suppliers are and how to manage this information
  • How to assess the resilience of vendors and subsequently manage these risks
  • Complications that have arisen due to remote working: How does this impact the resilience of firms (from a people and process perspective) and how can it impact the ability to audit them?
  • How to best communicate useful information from those managing the risk to the C-Suite


Jeroen van den Akker
Head of Operational Risk Management

Vincent Roeloffzen
Director, Operational Risk

Julien Haye
Global Head Of Non-Financial Risk
Fidelity International

Scott Bridgen
GRC Consulting Director



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