The R&D Tax Incentive: The New Legislation and What You Need to Know

Available On-demand.

When the Non-Refundable R&D Tax Offset’s appeal was damaged in 2015, followed by the introduction of draft legislation in 2018 that would have reduced the available benefits by more than half, everyone thought that the R&D program was coming to an end.

Join this 60-minutes complimentary webinar as experts discuss the lifecycle of the R&D Tax incentive, examine the 2021 legislative provisions with their additional benefits and pitfalls, set out the key technical issues involved in making a successful claim and offer a better understanding of the processes involved.

Learning Objectives:


Bede O’Connor
Co-Founder and Managing Director
360 Med Care (Enovis group)

Lise Rawlings
Head of Tax
Optiver Asia Pacific

Kris Gale
MJ Associates

Craig Stewart
MJ Associates



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