Unifying CX and Boosting Revenue with a Single B2B Commerce Solution

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In today’s evolving fast paced culture, the need for convenience is a priority — even for B2B selling!

As the pandemic recovery accelerates in 2021, the need to focus on creating an agile and relevant customer experience for business buyers becomes more pressing. Many traditional commerce solutions lack the necessary content and experience management functionality, along with the unique business buying features, necessary for an effective B2B commerce site. For B2B selling, a commerce platform that accelerates the time-to-market and provides flexibility for growth is ideal for sustainable business success.

Join this insightful webinar as we delve further into how the new age of B2B commerce can help improve your online customer experience, as well as boost revenue.

During the webinar you will gain insights into:

• What makes the B2B buying journey unique

• Understanding how B2B commerce is different from B2C commerce

• The technological requirements for B2B commerce

• Gaining flexibility with a headless, micro-services approach

• Best practices and use cases of B2B commerce


Viren Shah, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Leader — Manufacturing, Retail & Ecommerce, GE Appliances- A Haier Company, Kentucky

Jeffrey Handa, Commerce Solution Architect, Liferay, Inc.

Tina Agarwal, Liferay Lead, CIGNEX

Darren Sepanek, Director, Global Partner Marketing, Liferay, Inc.



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