Unlocking your Webinar’s Conversion Potential

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No matter the strength of your content, ultimately the return of a webinar hinges on your capability to position your broadcast in front of the right people.

Whether your goal is to expose your brand to a new region, or generate new, quality leads for your sales pipeline, having access to the data that will enable you to achieve these goals is crucial.

By most measures of success, but particularly for those in business development and marketing, you will need to have a strategy in place to reach an audience that will invigorate your sales pipeline and offer real potential value for your business.

Identify your audience and speak directly to them

Before doing anything, you need to ask questions that will help establish the audience that you want to engage via your webinar:

  • Who are the people that would be most likely to see the value in your service?
  • What level of seniority are they within their organisations?
  • What content will resonate most with them and do you currently have ready access to them?

Ideally, those seeking to use a webinar as a business development tool within their marketing mix will get their webinar in front of as many decision-makers within their target markets as possible.

Once the audience is identified, it’s crucial to devise content that will attract and engage that audience, whilst also ensuring that you have a pathway by which to make them aware of your webinar.

If you’re looking to use your webinar to identify and nurture new business, then you need to ensure that your event is being seen by as many relevant decision makers as possible in order to significantly reduce your sales cycle.

Content and Data

In order to ensure maximum engagement you will want to tailor your webinar content towards the audience that you hope to attract.

So for instance, if you are looking to position your service to Heads of Human Resources and Heads of L&D, then you will need to ensure that your webinar addresses particular pain points that they are experiencing.

To ensure that your content is relevant you’ll need to confirm your audience’s present challenges and you’ll want to feature speakers in your webinar who can deliver actionable insights in to tackling those challenges.

Honing in on your target audience’s current needs takes time, however it ensures that the webinar will position your brand as capable of delivering timely thought leadership that will help to stand your webinar apart from your competition.

Viewers who see content that is created with their needs in mind will be much more inclined to continue engaging with your brand output when your next webinar is rolled out, thus those contacts will gradually move down your sales pipeline from a middle-of-the-funnel lead, to a bottom-of-the-funnel lead who is ready to be sold to.

Securing the Right Data

We cannot emphasise this point enough.

Your webinar NEEDS to attract decision makers in order to have any positive effect on your sales pipeline. To do so, you’ll need access to a quality data list of qualified decision maker contacts.

If you’re company does not hold that data internally, then you need to identify a way of obtaining that data before you set off on the webinar journey.

So how to do this?

Well, you could rent the data. However as in many other scenarios, renting rarely offers the best value for money in the long run and access to data for contacts at such a senior level doesn’t come cheap.

However data rental also often comes with restricted mailing conditions and even the most confident of email marketers will struggle to convert sufficient sales from limited email blasts to make the investment worth it.

Alternatively, you could set your researchers to work and source the leads independently.

At face-value this is certainly the cheapest option, but it is also the most time-consuming and for most small to medium sized companies that do not have extensive research resources, this simply is not feasible.

Having strong, pre-qualified data lists ensure that the right people open your webinar marketing content, thereby guaranteeing an audience of professionals that are relevant to your business goals.

Our Appraoch

At Marcus Evans, we help webinar creators get around this challenge by offering a solution whereby our webinar partners are able to market their webinars to our own contact network that is comprised exclusively of qualified decision-makers, spanning multiple industries and regions.

By marketing to our network, our clients are guaranteed to reach the right influencers. All leads that are generated through our webinar partnerships are handed over to our clients for indefinite use. No rental conditions and no time limits on usage.

We think it’s a best of both worlds approach that delivers quick access to C-Suite contacts. Our clients can then take away new prospects to be further nurtured through to conversion in their own time.

Hopefully this piece has helped to convey the importance of having a strong data list to whom you can market your webinars to. The webinar platform is a fantastic method by which to engage with prospective business leads and showcase your brand’s value; and with the right audience, your webinars can be a catalyst for tangible business success.

If you have any questions about this article, or would like to learn more about how Marcus Evans Webinars can expose your brand to a global audience of decision makers then you can always get in touch with me, at tomba@marcusevansuk.com.

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Marketing Executive

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