Using Social Media to Influence College Decision Making

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Students today spend nearly their whole day using the internet. Social media is a core element in their relationships. Over the last three years, research has emerged showing how students are using social media to scope out universities and select colleges. To be on your prospects’ shortlist, a vibrant and inclusive social media presence must be a high priority for your marketing strategies. Your social media presence must be representative of the culture and spirit of your campus. Students make decisions when they can visualize fitting in and having the college experience they always dreamed of..

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine social media trends
  • Provide content and paid media strategies to help demonstrate an authentic campus experience
  • Share paid and organic methods to amplify your brand


Jaime Hunt Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Miami University
Randall Langston, PhD, Executive Vice Provost, Enrollment Management
University of Central Missouri
Richard Matasar SVP Strategic Initiatives and Institutional Effectiveness
Tulane University
Michelle Ashby Founder and CEO Tipping Point



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