Virtual clinical trials — opportunities and challenges

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Today’s clinical trials face many challenges, including the need for efficient recruitment, effective retention, strict protocol compliance, and collection of high-quality data. COVID-19 has presented a range of new obstacles, including limitations on face-to-face and in-clinic interactions and constraints associated with traditional, non-digital methods of data collection. “Virtual” (also referred to as “remote” or “decentralized”) clinical trials are attractive and can address many of these issues. However, these virtual studies incur their own sets of challenges.

In this webinar, we explore ways that MOVE, a division of Biospective Inc., has utilized the latest web, artificial intelligence (AI), and data science technologies to effectively implement and operationalize virtual studies. Through a patient-centric approach, MOVE is empowering patients with the ability to remotely participate in clinical trials, and facilitating more efficient, cost-effective studies.

Agenda Includes:

  • Advantages of web-based eligibility screening
  • Implementation of Telehealth in clinical trials
  • New approaches for virtual electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments
  • Feasibility of high-frequency collection of digital biomarker data in clinical trials
  • Strategies for improving patient experience and engagement


  • James Paskavitz MD | Head of Research and Development | Aruna Bio
  • Ciara Doyle | Associate Director | Biospective — MOVE Division
  • Barry J Bedell, M.D., Ph.D. | Co-Founder | Biospective Inc.



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