What have HSE professionals already learned from the Pandemic Crisis

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Why this Webinar:

The COVID-19 outbreak crisis not only presents health risks to your workers but also jeopardises overall business continuity. HSE leaders all over the world are doing their best to keep their employees safe and healthy, while at the same time focusing on operational performance and productivity to stay ahead of the curve in a post-pandemic environment. Crisis Management, Safety Leadership and Emergency Preparedness became the most critical and challenging areas for professionals working in Health and Safety. For the first time in the past decades, an external risk of an unprecedented magnitude, for which most companies were unprepared, threatens the business more than human error, process safety issues, or adverse working environment.

This marcus evans webinar is part of our annual cross-industry HSE conference October 28th-30th 2020 that gathers passionate European leaders to discuss the main questions of 2020: how can you lead the way during and after crisis and what changes should your company put in place post-emergency? Our 60-Minute online event will draw on the lessons Senior HSE professionals have taken away from recent weeks in relation to implementing, maintaining and improving an organisation’s ability to protect against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from COVID-19 crisis. They will also showcase some of the innovative steps they have taken and lessons learned, the hard way during the crisis, that will actually allow them to emerge as stronger, more resilient and agile organisations in the future.

Webinar Agenda Includes:

  • Creating a short-term crisis strategy by enacting your core long term values.
  • Performing Safety and Health surveillance during the pandemic crisis: the implications for HSE as a profession.
  • Adapting to the challenges and innovating from the crisis: cross-functional collaboration, remote working, digitalisation.
  • Strengthening and refining your mental health & wellbeing strategy to deal with the long-term impact of isolation, remote working, stress, and anxiety.
  • Refining your approach towards HSE in a post-COVID-19 environment
  • How important will the health agenda need to become after the crisis mode is over, and what change in standards should you prepare for?


  • Kevin Furniss Vice President — Head of Corporate Safety, Safety Differently Advocate A.P. Moller — Maersk
  • Ralf Franke Global EHS / HSE Head Siemens
  • Davide Scotti General Secretary, Corporate Head of HSE Culture, Communication & Training Leadership in H&S Foundation at Saipem, Italy
  • Jeff Roycroft Senior Manager EHSS — EMEA at Ingredion Inc., Germany



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