Who Wants to Be a Clinical Trial MillionAIre?

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Join this live virtual game show and see clinical experts go head-to-head on the latest AI trends in life sciences. This exciting approach to understanding “everything AI” will entertain and enlighten: You’ll get a chance to test your own knowledge and leave with valuable prizes in the form of actionable takeaways. Join the fun on November 19!


Dany De Grave
Founder Unconventional Innovation, Sr Dir Digital Transformation

Dany De Grave is an Engineer trained in Biology with 20 plus years of industry experience at GSK and Sanofi Pasteur. In various positions, he supported R&D, clinical, manufacturing and global regulatory submissions. He leads the implementation of various cognitive and other innovative technologies in departments like R&D and Regulatory Intelligence which builds on earlier work in automation and the development of culture change platforms. He also explores blockchain applications.

Denis Mir
Director, Clinical Operations
BioMarin Pharma

Denis qualified first as a biochemist and later added a statistical degree to his curriculum. He has been in clinical research for 20years, developing new treatment options for patients with cancer and rare diseases, in France, England and now in California. He is currently Director of Clinical Operations at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. focusing on innovations and technology.

During his career, Denis has managed clinical operations teams of various sizes, and was head of clinical operations for BioMarin UK before moving to the US. He retains program oversight in his current role.

Ligia Kilinski Cevasco
Executive Director, Head of Clinical Data Management Data Science and Systems
Nektar Therapeutics

Highly experienced Head of Data Management (Data Science and Systems) including Clinical Programming, EDC Programming and Standards, Process Excellence and Infrastructure; offering over 25 years of global R&D and pharmaceutical industry experience in areas of drug development, clinical research, clinical trials and real-world studies. Ligia led teams through over 15 successful global regulatory submissions and inspections (such as NDAs, BLAs, MAAs, NDS).

She is a leader focused on continuous process and design improvements, quality and compliance management, innovating and streamlining processes, and contributing to the improvement of medical science and disease prevention by developing innovative therapies and driving products to market faster.

Therapeutic area research and expertise: immunity-oncology, cardiovascular, virology, infectious diseases, and Covid-19.

Vasant Shetty
Vice President, Corporate Strategic Transformation and Execution

Vasant leads Saama’s business transformation efforts and is responsible for aligning cross-functional initiatives to achieve focused business results.

He has more than 20 years of experience in operations, marketing, and supporting technology solutions in Business Intelligence and data analytics in India and North America.

Jonathan Burr
Senior Vice President, Clinical Platform Strategy

As Senior Vice President of Saama’s Clinical Platform Strategy, Jonathan is responsible for growing client adoption of Saama’s existing products at top biopharmaceutical companies, as well as helping to define the long-term and short-term visions for rapidly evolving, transformative changes in the industry. Jonathan is adept at identifying technology trends and market opportunities in the life science industry, and inspiring customers with a vision and roadmap for leveraging Saama’s solutions to meet their challenging clinical development needs.




We reflect on some of our best online events and reveal valuable and tangible insights on trending topics across a variety of industries.

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marcus evans online events

marcus evans online events

We reflect on some of our best online events and reveal valuable and tangible insights on trending topics across a variety of industries.

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