Help, so many banners!

How to get visitors to actually convert — “banner blindness”

Introduction to Banner Blindness:

F-shaped pattern. Have you heard about that?

  • If not — seriously?. Have you lived under a rock for the last years?
  • If yep — this is a reminder. You still need to get better at this!

First of all — we should define the term “Banner Blindness”. What the hell is that?

According to Wikipedia:

Banner blindness is a phenomenon in web usability where visitors to a website consciously or subconsciously ignore banner-likeinformation, which can also be called ad blindness or banner noise.

What you need to remember to be able to reduce banner blindness on your site is to have the F-shape pattern in your mind everytime you create a new page and new content.

Heatmap — Red is where people hang around!

Can you see the F-shape? Study this heatmap for a second — it shows exactly how it works. The Red part is where people like to hang out. The Blue part is the ghetto.

Guess what — your brain has learned that banners usually are on on the right side. It’s smart enough to guide you to focus on the left part.

How to implement it:

The easiest and fastest way is to go through all your content and sites. Try to act like if you were on the site for the first time. Place the most important content — the stuff you want your visitors to focus on, on the left side.
Here are 3 short examples:

  • Landing pages: If you want people to sign up, consider putting the form on the left side of the content, as they did on this A/B-test: Case Study: Form on Left or Right side? (👈you should read this!)
Form on the left side converted better than on the right side 😱
  • Blog posts: Create new paragraphs for every important section. Make it easy to read. Remember, people focus on what’s on the left side (yep, even on Wikipedia!).
  • Everything else: Just remember the F-shape pattern and friggin put the important stuff on the LEFT SIDE!

Try this and I promise your content will convert better! If not — let me know!

Ps. You shouldn’t have read this if you live in countries where people read from right to left 😉

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