I wonder if she received a good or bad Auto DM(?)

Why you SHOULD use Auto DM’s on Twitter!

I don’t care about what you’ve heard from Gary Vaynerchuk and almost every social media “guru”. Twitter Auto DM’s DON’T suck… unless you suck at Twitter marketing. End of discussion!

(Or this is actually the beginning of the “discussion”).

Auto DM’s can actually be really profitable and lead to happier followers and customers if you do it right. But I want to begin with what you shouldn’t do and then move on to what you actually SHOULD do!

Never send auto DM’s if they will look something like this, big NO-NO:

Yes, I love concerts! Please tell me more instead of just sending me a tracked link (Ps. Turn off that (via @crowdfire) thing!).

Too long and no structure. Please send something more specific about Urbanition and something engaging.

Here’s how you shouldn’t use auto DM’s:

  • Never include links in your first message - it just feels and looks spammy.
  • Don’t use Auto DM services if you can’t afford to pay for the upgraded version and remove those ugly “via @crowdfire” texts that will make you look like a total fool.
  • Don’t just write “thanks for the follow”. Nobody wants to get a message with just a “thank you”?!

Do that and I’ll buy one of these t-shirts!

Here’s how you should use auto DM’s:

  • Thank people for following AND ask a simple question that’s relevant for the people that starts following you. Show them that you care about their opinions. The question can be something like this:

3 out of 4 answered this question and many of them with more specific info than just “Black” or “White”, which I think is really great.
Ps. I only include “Regards, Name” when I write from my company’s account.

  • A/B test your Auto DM’s. Try one message for one week and then one week with another message. Then look which converts best.
  • Ask a simple questions. Test what kind of questions works best!
  • Reply to their replies fast as hell!!! And don’t just answer “Ok, thanks!”. Let the conversation continue!

It’s ok to send a link after that but remember to keep it as a conversation. It’s between two persons, not just you who tries to get your message out there.

And last of all,
Just be genuine. If you write something that shows how special you, your brand and your customers are — you’ll win.

What do you think about Auto DM’s — do you like or dislike them? Please comment or send a Tweet with love/hate/opinions to @mkaroumi

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Marcus Karoumi — Founder,