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Apr 4, 2018 · 5 min read
❤️By Gibbysocks ❤️

Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of people are interested in contributing to Brave Browser! I saw a lot of blog posts from Seneca students who just started contributing, some of my classmates switched their projects to Brave, and apparently, I inspired some of my friends ( most of them have never contributed to an open source project ) to contribute.

Personally, I really enjoy contributing to Brave. I love Brave’s amazing developers who are extremely nice, welcoming, supportive and helpful as well as the community. This is the place where I want to be. Therefore, I can easily understand why other people are so eager to join!

As the result of all the above, I want to help people who are just starting with Brave as much as I can. Even though I am still pretty new to Brave, a couple of people had asked me how can they start, what should they do etc. I referenced them to the official documentation aka Contributing page and my own blog just in case. As it turns out, not much people find that convenient. So I came up with an idea. Why not write a blog post which will have the links to the documentation + short info + my blog links where needed? I still think that official documentation is your best friend, especially when you are contributing to Brave, which documentation is amazing. However, I know that some people don’t go through the documentation, they just want steps that they can follow. I tried to provide as much as I could in the shortest way possible. But please keep in mind, this is not a replacement for the official documentation, the purpose of this is to help you to start 😄

If it will eventually be helpful to at least one person, I will be extremely happy! No? That’s fine too, at least I will practice my writing ( and English ) skills 😅

Shall we begin?

Step by Step

If you are not familiar with Brave:

  • Check out Intro to Brave ( blog with all relative links included, including the ones below )

If you are, then:

Set Up on Local Machine

Official Docs

My Blog ( step by step installation process with screen captures 😄 )

Troubleshooting page includes:

Getting more detailed error information

What is the required Node version?

Issues seen with npm

Browser crashes and startup errors

Problems when running the executable

Window is solid black or solid white; looks like a blank page

Then, if all of the above is not enough for you ( fair enough 😏 ) here is a README page with all amazing documentation.

However, if you can’t wait to start contributing, then follow me.

How can you contribute?

Official Documentation on how you can contribute.

There are different ways on how you can contribute to Brave. To make it easier to know which one suits you best, I tried to give each one of them some kind of measurement in a level of coding skills required, time consumption and level of difficulty ( which can totally turn out to be wrong by the way, since every person & task are different and a lot of times you can’t really predict how much time or knowledge you need ).

Help Triage Issues

Level of Coding Skills Required — None

Approximate Time Consumption — Short ( from 5 minutes and more )

Level of difficulty — Relatively Easy

Updating Documentation

Level of Coding Skills Required — None ( for some areas might require some )

Approximate Time Consumption — N/A

Level of difficulty — N/A


I don’t have experience with documentation, so can’t really say how much time or how difficult that is.

Help with Translations

Level of Coding Skills Required — None

Approximate Time Consumption — Short ( from 5 minutes and more )

Level of difficulty — Relatively Easy ( if you have great knowledge of English + another language )

Work with Code

Level of Coding Skills Required — Eager to learn

( I am not kidding. When I started contributing to Brave, I had basic knowledge of JavaScript… but no React or Less. I am learning as I go. To be honest I am learning much more when I am contributing to Brave then when I am working on my labs for some classes. But this is me. You have to figure out what works the best for you. My point is that you don’t have to be perfect at JavaScript and/or be Guru at React. Yeah, it will be hard from times to times. A lot of times you might struggle a lot, but when you overcome your obstacles, you will feel accomplished. That is the feeling that is driving me forward every day. The more you will get involved, more you will learn. )

Approximate Time Consumption — Medium to Highest ( at least an hour )

Level of difficulty — Range from relatively easy to “Oh my God, I will never ever fix it”

How to figure out which way to go?

Do you code?


If you don’t code, or you don’t want to get much involved with code, then you can:


Otherwise, you can start with:

Other useful pages:

I hope that this was helpful! Please let me know what you think! Suggestions are highly appreciated too! 😄

Open Source Adventure

Sharing my learning experience as I go!

Margaryta Chepiga

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Software Developer, known as overexcited girl who is passionate about technology

Open Source Adventure

Sharing my learning experience as I go!

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