Margaryta Chepiga
Feb 8, 2018 · 4 min read

My first contribution to Brave!

Type of the release

This release is regarding the good-first-bug fix.

The issue page is here.

How it was chosen

I was honestly freaking out when I had to choose my first bug. There were so many of them and every one I checked made me think the same question over & over again: “Will I be able to fix this? Will I have enough time? Am I capable enough to handle this?”. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and that’s exactly how I felt. Lost in all those bugs and just scared enough even to pick one. When I spend over two hours looking at the bugs, I finally realized that most of those two hours I was simply panicking. Therefore, I decided to do something I am extremely afraid to do. I decided to ask for help.

Long story short, I texted Sean, my friend who is also taking open source class, and I shared my concern & frustration with him. He suggested me a couple of bugs that I could do. I checked his very first suggestion, saw that the bug was really doable and all my fears went away. If he can find a bug in 10 minutes, why the hell I was even panicking? If he can, it means that I can do that too. It means, that I created the obstacles in my own head, made my own life harder. Sean not only helped me find a bug, he also provided me with support and showed me another perspective on how things can actually be done & I really appreciate it!

What have I learned?

  • That I shouldn’t over complicate my tasks in my head
  • It’s all about perspective my friend (phrase stolen from Marwan Alani)
  • It’s okay to ask for help

Sean send me this bug, and after I read what change is required, I got extremely excited!

Expected Result

This bug didn’t have a specific expected result.

At the first look, it seemed that there is a specific expected result:

Basically, change the string from Never include this site to Never include this content.

But, in the discussions for the issue, I found out that there are different suggestions to what the string should be renamed. Such as:

I was kind of confused & not sure to what I should rename the string. Therefore, I asked:

No one actually replied to that question, which is okay. So I made the decision for the expected result to be “Never include this content creator”.

Process & Solution

This bug was pretty straightforward. After setting up Brave on my local machine ( how I did it you can see in my other blog here), I still needed to do a couple of things before the actual fix.

First, set the upstream:

git remote add upstream

And then check it:

I am on my master branch, before I want to change any code, I should create a new branch. To do this you can run the following:

git checkout -b name_of_the_branch

This command will create new branch (if you don’t have the branch with the same name) and checkout you there.

I created my branch before, so I will just move from master branch to fix-message-for-payments:


git branch — displays all branches that you have created

After I switched to my new branch, I can start doing changes! Next step is to open your favorite IDE or editor ( I am using Visual Studio Code ) and open you project folder over there.

Thanks to the Brave developers, it was very easy for me to make the fix. I didn’t even need to look hard for the string I had to change.

I just had to search for deleteLedgerEntry:

And the fix itself is:


Before the fix:


Here is a link to my pull request:

Open Source Adventure

Sharing my learning experience as I go!

Margaryta Chepiga

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Software Developer, known as overexcited girl who is passionate about technology

Open Source Adventure

Sharing my learning experience as I go!

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