Polygon Support, Staking, and More

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2 min readJun 7, 2021


We want to use this medium to share an updated roadmap that leads us up to the point of on-chain Governance.

From now to Governance

Polygon Support and Incentivising lending

We are looking forward to supporting Polygon, an EVM compatible chain with a lot of liquidity on the chain’s Sushiswap and native exchange Quickswap. Combined, both DEXes command a total of over $2 Billion worth of liquidity. Marginswap will be live on Polygon on the 9th of June with margin trading support for $ETH $WBTC $DAI $USDC $MATIC $USDT $WBTC $LINK $AAVE

About a week after deployment on Polygon, $MFI incentives will be activated for lenders of crypto assets.

Staking and v1.0 on Ethereum

We are finally at the point where we can safely move the platform from the Beta to v1.0! So, the 23rd of June will mark v1.0 and the beginning of staking for $MFI holders.

Since our Certik audit and Code423n4 competitive audit, the Marginswap protocol has undergone rigorous testing and usage by beta users and we successfully pushed fixes for issues reported by users.

What’s next…

After v1.0 is live, BSC support and on-chain governance will be the priority. More info will be released in the future.

Have fun using Marginswap!