Collective Health

A series of projects ranging from journey mapping, to creating strategy work for communication preferences (that is all HIPAA compliant, of course).

Implementing Communication Preferences

My Contributions: UX / UI / Visual design, user testing, design strategy.

We all receive more emails than we would like or don’t opt out of the ones we do not need. However, communication becomes more complicated when dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI). We made it easier for members to take control of the information they receive.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Ability to choose exactly when and how to be notified in simple questions that are box sectioned, clear and concise.
  • Designed with language and copy in mind for a human tone. (We know health insurance is already difficult to understand, so why not make it less robotic!)
  • Made with the intention to minimize opt-ins for paper statements due to environmental and financial reasons by defaulting to email.
  • Members can choose how much information they will receive in their inbox by implementing a “example” button.

Redesigning the Activity Page

My contributions: UI / UX / Visual design, user testing.

Have you ever submitted an out of network claim and been ghosted by your health insurance? Not knowing the status of your claim can be stressful. To make it easier we designed a way for members to see if their claims are being processed or are waiting to be processed.

  • Members can be informed of which claims have been reviewed and which are currently being reviewed.
  • Claims are sorted by month for quick skimming and context of when a appointment occurred.
  • It was also important that this framework that was designed also worked for the mobile platform.

Journey Mapping

My contributions: Data Synthesis, Visual Design, Rapid Iteration, Content curation.

The goal of this project was to create a journey map template for CH’s four personas. These maps focused on Open Enrollment in order to help the team brainstorm for new products and services.

Here is a closer look of what was included in the map in order to help the designers find opportunities for better a better CH user experience.

High Claimants: Future Vision Work

My contributions: Low/High Fidelity prototypes, Visual Design, Wire-framing, Participatory Design

Goal: Design a way for employers to find data in order to see if there are products / care management services / etc that a member can enroll in to cut costs for themselves and the company.

Here were some of the design decisions we made:

  • In order for employers to be aware of the high costs, we made it easy to read and scan important insights and information.
  • Employers can filter their employees through services and see the reasoning for the claim. This is helpful for understanding behaviors and patterns.
  • All the information provided is never specific in order to comply with HIPAA and to maintain the privacy of their employees.