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lusI Want to Start a Movement: Keep the Good Stuff

Most of you remember seeing on the news the significant impact of the closing of schools all over the country. Hundreds of thousands of children rely on those schools for breakfast and lunch, and hundreds of thousands of parents of those kids are grateful to those schools for helping families make ends meet.

People and groups throughout the United States noticed when this need started to go unmet and jumped into action to do something about it. While I don’t know anyone at KenCrest who was here during the pandemic of 1918, but we were serving our neighbors then and we’re serving them now! We were serving the people of the Philadelphia Kensington neighborhood 102 years ago, and we’re still doing it to this day. Every week, we disseminate five breakfasts, five snacks, and five lunches for each child served in our early learning centers. Over 500 families per week benefitted from the food deliveries made by staff and volunteers and now from the pick-ups at each of our early learning locations. I can’t describe the amount of effort, time, logistical planning, and manpower that has gone into making this happen. To everyone who helps to orchestrate this initiative: you rock!

There are many ways we are strengthening our community’s ability to manage through tough times, and it’s part of the “good stuff” we’ve carried through our legacy for over a century. Let’s continue to be grateful for our teams who support our neighbors and keep the “good stuff” going.




Marian is the President and CEO of KenCrest a non-profit that provides community-based supports to more than 12,000 people with intellectual disabilities, at over 400 sites in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut.

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Marian Baldini

Marian Baldini

Ms. Baldini is the CEO of KenCrest, a human services agency that provides services to children and the intellectually and developmentally disabled community.

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