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Real-World Evidence That Epidiolex (CBD) Reduces Seizure Frequency

Cannabis strikes again. Epidiolex, a 100% plant-derived medical CBD formulation effectively reduces seizure frequency in real-world epilepsy patients.

Epidiolex® (Epidyolex® in Europe) is an FDA-approved medication for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet syndrome, and tuberous sclerosis complex.

It can be used in patients 1 year of age or older (>2 years old in Europe). It’s been proven that it can significantly reduce seizure frequency.

Epidiolex® consists of pure cannabidiol (CBD) and is the first and only prescription formulation of plant-derived CBD approved in the US and Europe. This medication can only be accessed through prescription.

Seizure-related emergency department visits and hospitalizations.
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This study aimed to assess the effect of CBD on seizure-related emergency department (ED) visits and hospital admissions in epilepsy patients as well as on healthcare resource usage.

They included patients using CBD but excluded those who were participating in clinical trials and those who started their therapy less than six months ago.

Researchers used the electronic medical record to collect data on demographics, antiseizure medications used, and emergency department and hospital admissions.

The two main factors they analyzed were:

  • Changes in seizure-related emergency department and hospital admissions for patients being treated with CBD.
  • Changes in antiseizure medications and total emergency department and hospital admissions for patients being treated with CBD.

When it came to the first parameter analyzed, the results weren’t statistically relevant and, thus, void of interest.

This happened because they analyzed a small population (n=100) who already had few monthly ED visits and hospital admissions prior to CBD usage, making the reduction too low to characterize statistically.

In the case of the second parameter, “those with seizure-related hospital admissions prior to CBD had significantly less seizure-related hospital admissions after initiation of CBD.”

Key Takeaway

It was concluded that CBD does have the potential to positively impact patients with prior seizure-related hospital and emergency department admissions, reducing their usage of healthcare resources.

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Ines Tavares

Ines Tavares

I provide blog management services to cannabis businesses looking for a boost in organic traffic and sales. Connect with me on LinkedIn: tinyurl.com/3r5k8vuc

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