Mariposa Submission Guidelines

Tesia Blake
Nov 3, 2018 · 2 min read
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Mariposa is a publication about change, which is, at the same time, an incredibly broad and difficult subject to tackle.

The publication is built on the belief that all humans experience significant change throughout their lives, but not everyone stops to appreciate these transformations.

This is the place for those who would like to stop and take stock. It’s the place for everyone who acknowledges that change, although sometimes difficult and often painful, is necessary for growth.

If you’d like to share your experience in this topic, you’re welcome to join us. Just follow a few simple rules:

You can talk about any kind of change you want

It can be a new phase of your life (college to adulthood, worker to retired, etc), it can be a physical change that really affected you, change in relationship status, change in mindset. Anything that has significantly reshaped your life.

We recommend positive lessons, but feel free to talk about dark times, as long as there’s a point to the story.

Submit an unpublished draft

Stories are published according to the date they’re submitted. If you submit a story that has already been published, it will appear further down the page and it will have limited exposure.

Add a high quality image to your story

This makes the story pop on the page, it helps attract readership and keep the publication looking more organized and sleek.

Please only use images you have the rights to, and cite the source accordingly. The publication is not responsible for an author’s choice of image. We will, however, advise the author to switch a picture if we consider it necessary.

We don’t accept fiction or poetry

Non-fiction only, please.

Mind your language

Bad words are allowed. We all say shit every once in a while. Drafts with too much swearing or lewd content, however, won’t be accepted.

Revise throughly

Writing is revising, so don’t send us your very first draft. Send us a story that wouldn’t make you embarrassed if someone else accidentally hit the publish button when you weren’t looking.

How to submit

We’re not accepting new writers at the moment.

Mariposa Magazine

Tesia Blake

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Names have been changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty.

Mariposa Magazine

A platform for those who have been through major life transformations, through vonluntary or unvoluntary change.

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