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2016, you have been good to me

2017, the bar is raised!

Dec 31, 2016 · 2 min read

Taking a quick lunch break at work in order to reflect on 2016.

Started the year in a new office with new old colleagues, officially part of their team after fighting my way through for so long. I finally have the job I dreamed of, which I always thought would not exists. The reality of a workplace which becomes like a second home and colleagues which you feel are more like family than friends, it’s a reality denied to many. (Sometimes I wish I could gift this experience to my love ones.)

I had to find my way in a new enviorment. A different way of working to what I was used to (running around). I had to find my style, how did I fit in such a diverse team. Leaving behind all feelings of self-judgement and not caring anymore if someone did not found me likeable. But embracing throughly when someone did.

This year was all about self-confidence and assertiveness. Admitting I am wrong with a sense of respect and responsability and never of defeat. Admitting I do not know all the answers but I am able to ask all the questions. And accepting that I won’t always be on the spotlight. And that everyone is too occupied with themselves to see my own self-doubts.

Next year I look forward to more confidence. But mainly I look forward to more initiative. Less hiding, more stage jumping. Freefalling to each day’s challenge and learning to fly in stormy weathers. As I prepare to a new year of challenges, 2016 has been good to me, 2017 will be my crowning glory.

Lessons learned in 2016:

  • Your body is your most prescious possesion, all efforts should primary start with keeping it healthy. Good nutritional food is worth the investment.
  • You can accomplish anything with the correct mind focus (like Insanity month 1 or getting at 85% close to a full split.)
  • I am more skillful than I expected but I can’t expect everyone to see that. I need to show it myself.
  • Everyday is special, dress up everyday as if it’s your birthday.

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier.’ ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

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