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Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe like I believe?

Jan 2, 2014 · 6 min read

“Do you know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magic solution to their problems and everyone refuse to believe in magic,” ~Jefferson (The Mad Hatter) from Once Upon A Time

What is magic? Something our hearts believe in and yet our minds refuse to; needing logic and order. Magic, as in something appearing out of nowhere, no logic as to where it came from or how it got here. But yet, magic, real magic, the one I believe in, does have an order, and a universal system which guides our intentions towards what we want. Like a machine connected by tubes, where you press the correct buttons in the correct sequence, transporting you where you want to go. Press one wrong one, and you might find yourself in a whole different place. When this happen, we decide magic is not real. We didn’t arrived where we wanted to be. But there is magic in such mistakes, and hidden blessings along the way. A path you did not choose, but if walked correctly, you will find much to learn. Maybe you learn the correct code to go to where you want to be.

Long ago, perhaps even now, in those places where people remained open and pure of heart, people believed in magic. If they couldn’t find a logical explanation, they didn’t discard it as not being real. It was real and magical. Something our human minds could not comprehend, yet our spirit somehow did with a simple, . They drew in caves to attract what they needed to survive. They reached out to temples where they seeked answers with the spirits, whenever the mind would find none. They drifted into sleep and waited in dreams; a place inside us where magic is real.

The brain does not differentiate between what we see with our physical eyes and what we see with our mind. So, aren’t dreams in this sense real? Collected memories from our night’s journeys where we see, feel, and make magic every night? We remember it as if it was something which happened yesterday. Sometimes it is so clear and full of senses that we wonder if it was real or not. I believe it was. As our mind processes it just like another experience, which is classified as real; the only difference is the collective reality in waking life where magic is controlled and locked in the mind of those who don’t believe and the personal reality inside our minds (sometimes collective in small scale) where we create different experiences which teach us, guide us, and even entertain us with the magical aspect of it all.

In the past, people who believed in magic knew the main rule; they needed to believe it before seeing it. Here is where intention comes in. Even if right now everything shows that magic is only possible in dreams, I like believing that once upon a time, magic was easy, because of the collective’s beliefs, the world’s intention and consciousness. I like to believe that when enough minds gather with a strong intention, magic can happen. And yet, magic does happen even if we can’t see it. If you weren’t alive in ancient times, then who are you to say that magic didn’t exist back then? If you don’t believe enough to see it, who are you to say is not real?

Magic became taboo, a work of the devil, something forbidden and condemned. As it became condemned, slowly, out of fear, it disappeared from the minds of the collective, which in turn lowered its power. But it didn’t mean it wasn’t real or that it still isn’t. This world, our world, our reality is all processed by our human brain, and that which the majority refuse to see will be hidden unless someone is trained enough to see it, or gifted. The mind is powerful, the heart or spirit is even more. Armour called this the ‘heart brain’ after extensive research which showed the heart having its own neuron system which allows it to make decisions against the brain itself. This way, the heart affects the way we process information around us. So who is to tell a child, who possessed the purest of heart, that fairies and magic are not real, if the heart of the child makes it possible for them to see it? Or maybe we are just jealous, because we know that once upon a time we also believed, and we wish to believe again, but if we can’t, then our children need to join us in this dull magic-less life, so we won’t feel so alone.

Religion began to condemn magic long ago. Created wars and killed many because of magic, weather it was real or not. Just being pointed at was enough to get you hanged, regardless of how many trials you went through. And society grew in fear, not of magic, but of what could be done to them because of magic. And the fear was covered by tales of demons and possessions and witches. And the tales got covered by laws and logic, just so we wouldn’t fear them so much. And magic was blocked from the modern society’s life, because it was safer this way, because we didn’t have to hide what we didn’t know about.

But there is something in the air, something I cannot tell, but magic is still here and people are slowly losing fear. And hearts are opening up to that childlike wonder once again. Perhaps it is just me who see it this way. Perhaps I might be so optimistic that I don’t see the magic-less side of life. Instead I can only see that side where miracles happen in every corner. Where we can make our miracles happen, creating magic with our own intention, enjoying the fun of it at nights during dreams. Simple synchronicities that most people won’t even notice, but once your heart is open up to the possibilities, miracles don’t happen around you, you them. Magic has always been there, miracles always happen; you just have to look carefully and with an open heart filled with love and a clear mind.

I am not afraid to say I believe in magic, that I believe in everything until proven the contrary. I am not afraid to open up my heart. I welcome magic in my life every single day. And even if I might be wrong, what is wrong with having a belief which makes your life better, makes you happier, and makes you look forward to every incoming day of your life. Knowing that every day brings a new possibility for something extraordinary, even if today was a bit less than that. Even if I can’t teleport wherever I want in this body, I know at nights I can fly wherever I want, see whoever I want and be whatever I want. When it comes to waking life, well… I like to believe there is someone out there who genuinely can, but is either too selfish to share the secret, or too scared of what people would do to him or her. Even if I can’t create money out of thin air, I know in my dreams I’ll have what I want, even if in the mornings there is that weird sensation of something lost. When it comes to waking life, I like to believe there is someone out there who can, and is either too selfish to share, or if he or she can make money they wouldn’t bother and make something else instead; or they are too busy helping the world in secret, like superheroes, too busy to teach others to do the same. Or perhaps, afraid again, of how they would be condemned, or how people would misuse that gift and magic they possess.

Believing in magic is, believing in possibilities, endless possibilities without conditions, without rules or steps. To just believe in the what-if’s, and the maybe’s, and perhaps even the uncertainties. The simple fact that we exist in this little world, in this little system, in this big galaxy and bigger universe of an even bigger place, is in fact, the most miraculous and magical thing. Just a tiny bit closer to the sun, or a tiny bit further away and we wouldn’t be here… or would we? Believing in magic and miracles is, believing in the endless possibilities for life, for our lives, for your own life.

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