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Happy Endings

Apr 2, 2017 · 2 min read

What happens when you believe? What if you choose to believe in a happy ending? The kind that sneaks in quietly in the night when you least expect it?

Sitting on the couch, eating your popcorn.
A thundering world outside.
A child asleep on the carpet next to the dog.
He, smiling at you and your silly thoughts.
And suddenly, like an epiphany, a revelation, you realize that happiness is that. At that precise moment.

You grasp onto it knowing that just like with other memories, it, will too, soon fade. Not making it any less precious. You gave up on writing down each of those moments, realizing that writing them will only take time away from them. And you breathe them in, like life’s elixir.

When you believe in such moments, that they are possible, the whole world suddenly becomes greater, kinder, perfect.

Though not everyone in it feels as happy. All that matters right now is your peace. The gentle beat of your happy heart. The desire to let this peaceful happiness expand. To reach across the wind to all those in the lack of it. Your chest expands, perhaps you shed a tear or two, in gratefulness. Because the words come out easily. Escaping your silent lips in the middle of a movie scene.

“Thank you.”

Thank you…

Thank you for the new words in a new world. For every surprise it entails since the first day the winter whisper kissed you hello.

For his love. The moments when he makes you laugh and yet you want to kill him and hug him at the same time. Reminding each other of old carefree childhood days. Because you found him and he found you. And together, you will be forever young.

For their support. Like ever-expanding families. You collect them one by one and each one becomes just as dear as the other. And though they will never know nor realize it, they play an important part in how you reach towards the life you want. With them. For them. To be able to be together.

For your future, your past, your present. For the accomplishments together. And the fact that just because you were brave to wonder and believe, all your dreams became reality.

And you write words of love and laughter. Words sustaining your empire… and you did it. You are where you always wanted to be. And there is nothing else more precious than realizing you have accomplished that happy ending. Now it’s your turn to write and help others reach it as well.

All is good.

All is perfect.

And you are happy.

And you are grateful.

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