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I Write Words of Light

Dec 14, 2016 · 3 min read

Where are the happy words? People find expressions in their verses and yet often that expression is that of hurt, hatred, vengeance. I see words on depression and anxiety and how coping with it takes more than what they have to give. Leaving them empty and desolated. Sad. Worthless.

But the world I know is not drowning in darkness. The world I know has light. It has stars shining in the darkest nights. The moon which almost seems to have a life of its own. It has the sun. The world I know has love to flow. Happy moments filled with laughter and songs. Dances and jokes. Memories of loved ones long gone.

However, the world I see through other’s words is far from bright. Why are we obsessed with shadow dreams and nightmares in waking light?

I do not want to contribute to that darkness sense. I want my words to be filled with light. I want to share the happiness which wakes me up at night with a giggle or a smile on my face. The quick naps in the train looking around me wondering if anyone heard me laugh in my sleep because I was dreaming of a joke a friend made.The sunny days where all seems extra brighter and inspire me to be extra bright. The wonderful workplace I have filled with colour and laughter regardless of how much work is piling up.

I write to share the light. I write to share happiness. To teach how to smile. As I always wanted, my truest only wish since I was a child. the wish to make everyone smile. At some point, I thought I should become a clown.

It saddens me to see how these words are taken as cheesy or lame. And how people believe that dark words have more strength. I just can hope and believe that if given the chance, they can see, that words of light are stronger than a thousand pages about why you are angry at the world. Three simple sentences of that which makes you happy are enough to take care of a storm and clear the skies and show you the sun.

My mother taught me one important thing, as I am sure so have many others. And that is that all things will come to pass and the sun will shine again. Well, I call it with my mind. Whenever is dark, I speak to the sun. Yes, I speak to the sun and the moon as if they were my best friends. Because I am grateful, without either of them there would be no life. Because the light they shine into the dark world makes it beautiful. The sun will always shine no matter how dark your soul seem to be. These are the words I want to give to the world.

My world is made of dreams. My world is made of light. And though somewhere in another corner children die and cry and starve, I wish my light will reach them, regardless of how far I am. This is my way to give myself to the world and not succumb to the selfishness of my own dark well. It is not that I don’t care. But I care enough to know that light wins over darkness. Though darkness is the default state, it can never exist with light present. Just a simple spec makes the whole difference.

So I write. I write happy words to a world which only cries in the hopes to make it laugh. I write rainbows in stormy skies. I write stars in the dark empty night. I write moons over dark blue oceans. And I write love. I write love over dark empty hearts.

Would you write for me? Write me words which make me dream.

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