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Marius Andra
Feb 8, 2012 · 2 min read

For a while I was thinking about starting a blog. Now, finally, it’s done. Welcome!

I built this site to write about things that interest me, to share (hopefully brilliant) ideas with the world and to engage in conversation with people who have similar interests as mine.

Some of the things I might write about are:

  • Start-ups and entrepreneurship: how are my start-ups doing, potential trends in this sector, business in general.
  • Health and productivity: I’m constantly struggling to manage both in my life. If I find something worth sharing, I’ll write about it.
  • Technology: new and exciting things in the technology sector. I’ll try not to get too deep into programming, but it could happen anyway.
  • Books: I usually read a few books every month. On my Kindle of course. If I find something exciting, I’ll let you know.

Not every post will be suitable for and liked by everyone. Expect to find a post about eating vitamins or working behind a stand-up desk right after (or before) a rant about how I used node.js and memcached to solve scalability issues in one Cherry campaign. You have been warned!

Even though my native language is Estonian, this blog will be in English. I’ve discovered that 1) every Estonian speaks English and 2) everyone else doesn’t speak Estonian. Thus it makes sense to write in English. Therefore expect some grammatical hiccups from time to time.

Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed and I’ll catch you later!

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