Don’t Give Up On Hope

We live in a world where it is easy to lose hope. Where the media continually focuses on tragedy and the worst in human nature. Where political corruption, lack of integrity, and outright lies by politicians are accepted and explained away by party members. Where outrage is the prevalent state of mind on social media. Where differences in beliefs and values are mocked. Where personal opinion is deemed paramount. Where civility has given way to a culture of meanness and personal attack. Where internet trolls spew hatred and bullying online knowing they will face little or no consequences. Where people increasingly spend their time on an unfulfilling virtual existence. Where suicide is a growing problem.

A world where hopelessness can thrive.

But what is life without hope? Our souls yearn for something to hope in. Big hopes, little hopes. Hope is what makes life bearable. Hope matters.

Hope can take many forms. A new friend. A great relationship. Better government. Success at work. Sunny weather on the weekend. Writing a popular novel. A new recipe that turns out delicious. Winning the World Series. Heaven. Nirvana. Star Trek. It doesn’t have to be something seemingly impossible, like world peace (although that would be wonderful.) Just find hope. Don’t give in to hopelessness.

When life appears to be only getting worse, that is when hope needs to be strongest. It is then called faith. Believing what you hope for can happen, even if you can’t see how. The outcome is secondary. Holding onto hope is the what sustains us as we strive for the prize.

Hope is not easy. As a person with a cynical nature, faith and hope don’t come easily to me. But they are essential to my well-being and soul. I choose to have hope.

As valuable as hope is, hope is only half of the equation. The second half is action. If you hope to be healthier, eat healthier and exercise. If you hope for a nicer world, be nicer to others. If the news causes you to lose hope in mankind, turn it off. If social media is depressing you, stop looking at it. Go outside. Enjoy a walk in the park. Spend time with loved ones. Do good things for others. Chase your dreams.

Live with hope in your heart, and you just might find what you hope for.

I hope so.