Push, rinse, repeat, …

Mar 11, 2018 · 1 min read
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I haven’t bootstrapped a blog or static site for quite some time.

With a service like netlify this becomes kind of a bearable task.

And since this site hasn’t seen much popularity yet — it just exists for less than 24 hours — I can even play this game live and in production. Like the good old PHP-FTP times.

For fun I added already some meta tags for social media consumption like Twitter.

It should look like the article image.

This is just the second pretty useless post, but I think this is not so unusal for new blogs. Bear with me, actual content will follow. Hence this new site. ;-)

Originally published at markentier.tech. Crossposted to dev.to as well.

Also this is a first test to publish something on Medium including an import.


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