ICONOMI’s flagship fund; BLX reaches a staggering 47.41% monthly return

Unfortunately, my views of Iconomi have been re-aligned and the below no longer represents the active company that stands. I am leaving this up for clerical purposes, but I no longer hold ICN due to the change to the eICN token. I believe releasing a shareholding-based assets in replace of $ICN, with little voting power is a disingenuous way to treat long-term holders.

Let’s get straight to the point; did you know that ICONOMI’s flagship index fund, Blockchain Index (BLX), outperformed Bitcoin’s recent rallies? Yes, you read that right, there is a hidden gem amongst the pack, and it’s called BLX.

It’s been incredible to watch Bitcoin’s price reach all-time highs, offering an exciting 38.24% return on investment over the last month. Its safe to say that hardly any investment vehicle in the world could even come close to that yield. Bitcoins 38.24%, 30-day ROI has made headlines across all major media outlets; Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes and many more. However, BLX continues to remain an incredibly well-kept secret, but not for long(!)

ICONOMI’s BLX offered an unbelievable 47.41% return on investment in the last 30 days

ICONOMI’s BLX offered an unbelievable 47.41% ROI in the last 30 days, outperforming the majority of the cryptocurrency market.

What is ICONOMI’s BLX?

BLX consists of 21 cryptocurrencies and is a passively managed Digital Asset Array that invests in established blockchain-based projects with active beta components.

BLX is a market-cap weighted fund that will often change its holdings, thus creating a more risk-diverse portfolio, i.e. it’s not so dependent on a particular cryptocurrency and therefore offering a healthy ROI.

BLX is an incredibly well-diversified investment strategy and could be used to resemble the movement of the entire blockchain market, meaning, if blockchain wins, more than likely — BLX will. The focus of the investment selection is on nascent projects with potential strategic importance in the future of the distributed economy.

Blockchain Index (BLX), via https://www.iconomi.net/dashboard/#/daa/BLX

BLX’s diverse offering creates huge growth potential and is very simple for an investor to be a part of — thanks to ICONOMI’s easy-to-use website. The above chart is something that looks very attractive to a long-term BLX holder, far less volatile in comparison to Bitcoins 30-day chart, see below..

Bitcoin price via https://www.coindesk.com/price/

ICONOMI is a fintech start-up company, developing a blockchain-based digital asset management platform. ICONOMI’s mission is to give everyone the chance to invest into multiple cryptocurrencies at once and make the new economy accessible to all.

Blockchain Index (BLX) isn’t the only DAA that you can invest in. ICONOMI’s dashboard offers a range of investment opportunities from accredited and well-known fund managers, BLX isnt the only fund that you could become a part of. If you‘d like a alternative structure, then there are plenty more available on ICONOMI’s dashboard, not only that — but it’s something that you can invest in today! Why back one? When you can back them all.

Thanks for listening to my meandering thoughts.

Notes: All prices and % ROI are taken from 20th November 2017.