Know What’s In Front of You

I was at a sporting event recently when the promotions team came out and starting blasting t-shirts into the stands out of an air gun. Man that looks fun.

Others were throwing the shirts into the crowd. In an effort to do their best Joe Montana and find the anxious kid or goofy fanboy 30 rows up, they were neglecting the fans directly in front of them.

How often do we do this in business … ignore our most loyal, long-standing customers in an effort to score with those most downfield? We do the same thing with every-day, routine projects. Thus, our most common and stable relationships and projects may start to struggle. Before we know it, we’re losing Market Force with both regular customers and essential teammates.

Don’t let this happen. Keep your head on a swivel. It’s okay to look downfield at the Jerry Rice’s on your project and customer lists; but don’t forget the reliable, league-leading Wes Welkers streaking wide open 10 yards in front of you.

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