Internet Phases: Past, Present, and Future

Prepare for the next phase of your career

Thanks to you, last week’s report on the collaborative economy was readily received, and has been viewed over 26k times, the media picked up on it, and bloggers alike. As we digest what it means, it’s important to recognize this is the next phase in the internet, and the next phase of social business. In fact, in both the second era and collaborative economy era, we’ve found they’re using the same technologies (social tools) but instead of sharing media and ideas –people are sharing goods and services. This is all part of a continuum and we need to see our careers progress as the market moves forward with us.

What it means to your career, clients, and company.
Change in our careers is good, it leads to new opportunities, growth, and fun. It does require us to move out of our comfort zones and prepare for new growth. With that, here are three insights to remember as we make this next phase.

  • Prepare for the next phase in your career, as we shift eras. The internet continues to evolve, and with that our careers. The mid 90s saw the blistering heat of the dot bomb era as the internet became a dominant force, it subsided through a global recession and industry implosion and we saw the second phase emerge, dubbed Web 2.0 where information creation and consumption was democratized by all. The next phase is the same principals of sharing and democratization, but now involving goods and services.
  • Take what you’ve learned in social business and apply it to the collaborative economy. If you’re in social business, you’re a good spot. The same rules apply about letting go of control, shifting to engage, and connecting with customers. Learning to listen for understanding, engaging w ith customers, developing programs where customers become your advocates, and how to scale. All topics I’ve researched deeply, and will apply to this next phase.
  • Change is in inevitable, prepare for this next phase now. The next phase is already starting, last week’s LeWeb received international appeal, and funding to sharing startups is on rise, even cities like Amsterdam are opening up to sanctions with AirBnb and mainstream media and news covers this movement. We must start preparing for our next phases of our careers now. We can and will do this together.

I hope this graphic and matrix help to clearly articulate our next phase, save it, share it, and activate on it now. If you’d like to join me on a webinar to learn more and ask questions, you can register on this page.

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