Kevin Owocki — Our Newest Advisory Board Member

Collins Brown
May 3, 2018 · 2 min read
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The MARKET Protocol team is excited to announce the latest addition to its advisory team — Kevin Owocki, the founder of He is a software engineer interested in hacking, learning, and writing about the intersection of next-generation technologies, especially machine learning, computer vision, VR, AR, & plenoptic photography. He has a BS in Computer Science, 10 years of engineering leadership experience in startups and Open Source Software. Additionally, Kevin plays an active role in the Boulder, Colorado tech scene, co-organizing the Boulder Blockchain meetup along side Phil Elsasser, CTO of MARKET Protocol. is an Ethereum-based community for growing open source software utilizing incentivization mechanics. It combines the #givefirst mantra of the Boulder community with capitalistic incentives to write great software. Gitcoin grows open source software by enabling Repo Maintainers, developers, and financiers to find one another.

Kevin believes strongly that the future of work is unbundled; the future of knowledge work will be driven by decentralization, community, and emergent collaboration. Gitcoin is a one-stop shop that gives Software Developers the skills and connections to survive and thrive in this new blockchain ecosystem.

  • When did you get in into blockchain technology and why do you think it can change the world?

I got into blockchain in 2011, and started building in 2015. I think that blockchain is the internet of money. If you look at all the societal changes that the internet heralded (from just simple protocols that could route information), imagine all the societal changes that open source money could create!

  • What made you join the MARKET Protocol team?

I get approached here and there to be an advisor for blockchain projects, but this one was different. I’ve known Phil Elsasser for several months now, and have worked with him on some community projects here in Colorado. I’ve found him and his co-founders to be capable, pragmatic, and vision-oriented. Best of all, they’re in a space that could really benefit from blockchain technology!

  • What makes you the most excited about the future of MARKET Protocol?

MARKET Protocol is going to decentralize the world of asset trading. I’m very excited to be able to use tools from the crypto world to enable safer, better, trading of all sorts of assets.

You can find out more about Gitcoin at and Kevin on his personal website — To stay updated to future announcements from MARKET Protocol, please join our Telegram chat or visit

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