3 Important widgets for Car search portals — widgets by Marketcheck Cars, Inc.

Rohit Lalwani
Feb 8 · 3 min read
Widgets collection by Marketcheck
Widgets collection by MarketCheck Cars, Inc.

What are Marketcheck Widgets?

Marketcheck Widgets are web widgets for automotive websites powered by Marketcheck APIs. Marketcheck widgets allow you to modify styling, embed widgets in an existing website or create a car search portal from scratch.

Marketcheck provides many widgets to improve your website, which you can look here at collection. Three of them are Time On Market, Market Days Supply and Price vs Miles plot.

Why these 3 ?

These widgets provide important stats of car which adds another dimension of transparency on car’s details page as you compare your car with similar cars available on market. For buyers, it is good to have such market comparisons stats available which helps user understand the true value of car.

Time On Market

Time on Market, also referred to as Days On Market(DOM) refers to the number of days a car is on the active market.

For a buyer, it is important a measurement when buying a car to see how long a car has been on market and what is average number days a car remain on market in the given region or nationwide.

Time On Market widget in semi-circle layout

Time on Market widget shows DOM of the vehicle and 2 averages , that are local and national DOM average. Marketcheck widgets allows customisation to widget styling on playground.

Time On Market widget in circle layout

Want to embed Time on Market to your website ? visit to playground and get started. A brief article on How to get started with Marketcheck widgets.

Market Days Supply (MDS)

Market Days Supply is a metric that deals with supply and demand characteristic of a vehicle. Lower MDS indicates demand is stronger than supply of similar vehicle in market, vice versa a higher MDS indicates supply is higher than demand of a vehicle.

Market Days Supply widget

Market Days Supply widget shows 3 values, that are Available Units, Market Days Supply and Sold Units of similar vehicles(match on YMMT) in a given region.

How is MDS calculated ?

MDS = (Active inventory count) / (Past 45 days sale count)

To embed Market Days Supply to your website, visit to playground and get started. A brief article on How to get started with Marketcheck widgets.

Price vs Miles plot

Price vs Miles plot is a Market comparison widget which compares your car to cars in active market in terms of price and miles.

It helps buyer to decide if the deal is good or not in comparison to available active cars in market.

Price vs Miles Plot


In this article we saw what are Time On Market, Market days supply and Price vs Miles plot and how they provide value to dealer and a buyer. More such widgets are available at widgets.marketcheck.com.

For suggestions or queries , you can reach us at widgets@marketcheck.com

Marketcheck APIs

Market-wide data & tools for the Automotive industry

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