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There are numerous search engine optimization tools/software on the market, and many offer more or less the same kind of features. Some focus more on the content marketing aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and others focus more on the Technical SEO and On-page SEO side of things. Not many of these tools are complete or have all the different aspects of SEO under one roof, but a few come close, such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, and SEO Powersuite to name a few.

SE Ranking although relatively new boasts some impressive features and capabilities which cannot go ignored, and make it that little bit special amongst the best SEO tools. We will explore some of its features and see why this powerful SEO Tool comes close to being a complete option for your website promotion.

Keyword Suggestion / Research Tool

The first step in optimizing your web page is to identify what keyword(s) you wish to appear for when a user types in a query on a search engine. I’m used to using on average 2–3 different tools to get the best suggested and relevant keywords. SE Ranking’s keyword tool allows you to collect and find short to long-tail keywords without switching from different third-party tools. This alone will save you a ton of time, as it has saved me. The tool is very easy to use, just type in your desired keyword, and you’ll receive a host of keyword suggestions along with detailed stats on the keyword such as:

  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI)
  • Competition Strength
  • Suggested Pay per click (PPC) Bid
  • Keyword Rankings
seranking keyword research

SE Ranking Keyword Research

Keyword Grouping

Keyword grouping as the phrase implies, allows you to gather and organize related keywords that are closely related to one-another and fit with the group’s overall theme. This feature is great for those marketers or agencies which conduct keyword research for PPC campaigns for their clients. This will again save you a lot of time when doing research, helping you prioritize your workflow and keyword targeting.

Website Audit

This is a common feature in many SEO tools, and very essential to identifying problems within your site that will / currently affect your website’s performance. SE Ranking checks over 70 different parameters to spot glitches, or errors and then gives you recommendations and fixes on how to get rid of these issues.

seranking website audit

SE Ranking Website Audit

On-Page SEO Audit

As expected from an SEO Tool, On-page optimization is crucial for a web page’s visibility online. Along with keyword research, you will be able to know what your web page requires within its content to help it rank in search results. On-page features include Title Optimization, Meta Description optimization, Image Optimization, Related Latent Semantic Index (LSI) keywords and more.

Keyword Ranking

Ranking monitoring comes as no surprise for this tool, and it boasts 100% ranking accuracy against a manual check of your SEO ranking. In other words, if you conduct a search for your website in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and you find it at position 2 of the first page of Google, then when running a check on SE Ranker’s Keyword rank checker, you should essentially see the exact same results. In addition to that, you can check where your web page ranks across different Search Engines and different countries. Other ranking features include:

  • Mobile Device Rankings — Get universal rankings across different devices as well as Google Maps positioning.
  • Competitor Keyword Rankings — Monitor your competition’s position, keywords, and strategy.
  • Accurate Location Rankings — This is useful for those doing Local SEO where you need to track rankings in a particular location, zip code, or region.
  • White Label Features — Great feature to share ranking progress with clients using your brand logo and custom domain mapping.
  • SE Ranking API — For those requiring a custom front-end for a web app or other tools, you can extract data from SE Ranking’s database to where ever required.

Backlink Monitoring

SE Ranking backlink analysis tool, allows you to manage your off-page SEO activities and have relative control over what backlink is worth keeping or trashing. Monitor backlinks your website is generating and decide on its validity and relevance to your web page. Further features include:

  • Manual and Automatic Backlink Importing — If you wish to bring in backlinks from another tool and analyze them on SE Ranking, you can import your results as a CSV file. You can also connect your Google Search Console account to it to get more detailed information about your backlinks via Google.
  • Backlink Filtering — Choose what data you wish to view or segment, including Alexa, Google Index, Anchor text, Domain Trust, Domain Authority (DA) as assessed by MOZ, and nofollow or dofollow parameters.
  • Competitor Backlinks — Check your competition’s backlinks in order to reverse engineer their profile and emulate and surpass your competitors.
  • Backlink Live Monitoring — Check which backlinks are still live or which ones are no longer pointing to your site or have errors.
  • Google Analytics — Connect to your Google Analytic Account to draw out more keywords and backlinks

Social Media Management

This is one of the features which differentiate the SE Ranking software from other online SEO software. You can connect to Facebook or Twitter and monitor, schedule and publish content directly to your social profiles. Social signals are an important factor which contributes to your SEO results. Some of the features include:

  • Auto Post to Social Networks — Plan, Publish and Share content instantly without external login into the network you wish to post to.
  • Best Time to Post — SE Ranking Social Media Management tool will help you decide the best time to post and schedule your content, based on user engagement and the content that is getting you the best results.
  • Multi Account Access — If you have several accounts you wish to access, you don’t need to log out of one to go to the other, you can operate all accounts under one roof.

Marketing Plan

This is another cool feature that is very convenient for any consultant or marketer looking to keep organized and methodical in their SEO execution. The online SE Ranking’s Marketing Planner gives you a roadmap and process to help you reach your marketing goals with a step-by-step plan.

It is a perfect starting point for agencies and webmasters wanting to keep track of what they’ve done and what is yet to be done for the best SEO results for themselves or their clients. The Key stages of this plan include:

  • Strategy and Pre-Launch Care
  • Keywords Research and Implementation
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Your own Tasks
SE Ranking Marketing Plan

Why Consider the SE Ranking Software?

As highlighted above, we can see how powerful this tool is and this is just scratching the surface of its capabilities and features. Although being a newcomer to the SEO software world, SE Ranking stands on its own when it comes to being user-friendly, clear and concise, considering user experience.

It’s impressive ranking accuracy and SEO analysis alone is enough for anyone to stay put and not bother with any other tool in this regard. The thorough step-by-step SEO Roadmap plan is an excellent guide for newbie users as well as seasoned SEO Experts. We also see from our review that backlink monitoring of your competition is another essential SEO feature that cannot be readily be found in other backlink checker tools. The ability to instantly check your competitors keywords rankings as well as monitoring their performance makes this tool invaluable for any serious Search Engine Optimization looking to dethrone their competition.

After considering our SERanking Review and what benefits it can bring to your marketing, grab the limited lifetime SE Ranking pricing deal they are offering, now before it’s too late. You will not be disappointed with adding one of the best SEO software tools to your arsenal of marketing tools in dominating Search Engine results.


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