3 critical tools for social media asset management


Efficient Social Media Asset Management

Keeping up with your social media presence takes up a lot of time. You need to plan your posting schedule, source images and banners, create posts and be mindful of hashtags, check analytics, and monitor and respond to comments and other reactions.

Ideally, you’d also be active in posts and conversations that are trending in your industry and regularly check the posts you’ve been tagged on. Now multiple this list of activities with the number of your active social media channels and you’ll get an idea of how much time social media will take.

Thankfully, there are many tools that make your social media asset management more streamlined and consistent. There are tools that help you create new content without any design skills, tools that make publishing and sharing content a breeze, and tools that enable everyone to stay on brand with your social media assets. Let’s view our three top picks for better social media asset management:

  • Create & Publish. Did you know that there are tools out there that make it possible for your team to work on the most acclaimed design software Adobe InDesign without having an Adobe license, and most importantly, without any design skills? Lytho’s unique feature allows you to create and publish branded content directly from your asset library. You can scale content production, lower agency costs, improve efficiency and support your partners in promoting your products or services. No need to upload and download different versions to edit or create material, why not just do everything from one system!
  • Most of us need help making sure all our digital assets like images, banners and videos are easy to find, always up-to-date and accessible for everyone who needs them. A Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution can save you 70% of time and make sure all your assets get used. Lytho’s award-winning DAM solution is a great choice if you are looking for the most user-friendly, quick to implement system.
  • An interactive Brand Center. It’s one thing to define your brand identity for social media and create a style guide to support it. But most of the time these documents just gather dust in a drawer or folder somewhere, never to be seen again. Brand Center makes it easy to create and adjust cloud-based guidelines that all employees know how to access whenever needed. Brand Center is also where your brand’s style and visual image lives. It stores all your fonts, logos, visuals, Tone of Voice, colors, and other elements that form your brand’s DNA.

Great Alone, Stronger Together

All of these three components introduced above function as self-standing tools that make your social media assets easier to control. But they give the best results as a combined, integrated Brand Management Solution. Talking about your brand on social media has been democratized through digital transformation. It’s easy for everyone to share their stories and content about your brand. But companies are struggling to harness this opportunity. They are experiencing more inconsistencies, pressure to scale on-brand content without scaling their costs, and difficulties in communicating their relevance to their target audience.

Top brands win over loyal social media followers and customers who make repeat purchases not because they have a superior product but because they have a superior brand. They embody something that inspires advocacy and loyalty. And they do so all the time, everywhere. Not just in some regions or via some of their channels. In order to rise to this level, all your stakeholders need to become connected with your brand.

That’s why we created Lytho, the most innovative and user-friendliest Brand Management Solution in the market. Lytho’s modular solution will assist you in all aspects of brand management, from growing your social media content pipeline and making your brand consistent to helping your partners and distributors promote you better. Let’s next view some of the functionalities that Lytho’s Brand Management Solution offer to make your social media asset management efficient.

The importance of consistency in social media

“For a truly effective social campaign, a brand needs to embrace the first principles of marketing, which involves brand definition and consistent storytelling.”
Simon Mainwaring, author of We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Renew Capitalism and Build a Better World.

Brand consistency is key in marketing. I won’t get into a lengthy explanation as to why that is since we’ve already written a wonderful article on that subject. Lytho helps everyone in your social media management team access the same, on-brand content.

The result of using Lytho as your single source of truth is not just many saved hours but also that no one is using an old version of your logo, the wrong font in a banner or a poor quality image which result in poor branding consistency.

Easily find the right images

With Lytho, you can access all your media. Are you searching an image from a certain period in 2015 containing product x? Thanks to the smart search tool you find the image you were looking for with just two clicks. In a solution that’s been designed with the end-user in mind, images are categorized by characteristics, not by a complex folder structure.

These characteristics or tags are descriptions of files and speed up the search process. Browsing through folders and files or requesting colleagues for images is no longer necessary once you work with Lytho.

Resizing and adjusting images

A seasoned marketing professional might know these by heart, but for most people it feels like the search for the correct social media image sizes is a constant battle. Lytho doesn’t just help with the search for the right image, it also allows you to convert them to the appropriate size and format without downloading them to an image editor first.

For instance, if you want to upload a photo on your Facebook timeline, the recommended size is 476x714. In Lytho’s DAM solution, you can scale these images to this exact size so you can quickly get started with your marketing campaign.

Campaigns according to theme

Another nifty feature is the possibility to find images with corresponding colors. For instance, for your spring campaign you need images that contain nice, bright colors to reflect the fresh feeling that your new product launch hopes to emulate.

Or maybe you would like to support your branding and you are looking for images with color codes that correspond with the colors of your company logo? With a Brand Management Solution, these actions are just one click away.

By searching for illustrations with the same exact color code, you gain a consistent look in your marketing communications. Color searching is one of the many features that strengthen your branding in social media.

See Social Media Asset Management in Action

Paying attention to social media asset management is helpful for all companies that have a brand, care about branding, or want to develop a strong brand. It’s especially necessary for companies that:

  • Are growing (rapidly)
  • Have hundreds or thousands of visuals, marketing and sales materials, and other content
  • Have decentralized marketing teams or multiple regions and offices
  • Work with internal and external partners like agencies, subsidiaries, distributors, resellers

The more stakeholders you have, the more difficult it is to manage your brand consistently in social media. This always leads to inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and lowered brand recognition and awareness. A decline in your brand value is directly linked to customer retention, employee turnover, and lower revenue.

  • Would you like to see how Lytho’s solution looks in action? Check out this 1-minute video of our solution!
  • Would you rather get a personalized demo by our experts to see what Lytho can do for your organization? Book a call here.


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