Choosing a DAM system for your success

DAM Selection & Comparison Guide

A Digital Asset Management System can save you time and money while helping you maintain brand consistency. But how do you find the DAM that perfectly suits your organization? We’ve created a whitepaper to make the process of selecting the right platform much easier. And we’ve added an extensive comparison guide so you can compare the features of various platforms to find the perfect fit for your organization.

How do you make sure that not only coworkers in all departments and teams but also everybody in your corporate ecosystem is using the latest, approved and properly styled brand assets? Maintaining brand consistency across all communication that takes place in an organization can be very challenging. Thanks to a digital asset management (DAM) system, managing all corporate digital media and marketing collateral gets easier than ever before.

A Digital Asset Management System that is well suited to your organization, can help reduce operational costs, make your brand assets more valuable and unlock the creativity of every person that works with your brand. But how do you choose the right DAM platform? We’ve created a whitepaper to help with the selection process.

DAM selection & comparison whitepaper

The DAM Comparison guide guides you through the process of selecting the right DAM system for your specific needs. The steps we guide you through in it are:

  1. Identifying bottlenecks
    Do your main issues with Digital Asset Management have to do with finding and distributing assets taking up a lot of time? Are you lacking structure, processes and workflows to smoothen collaboration? Or is your main problem the inconsistent use of assets?
  2. Goal Setting
    In line with common bottlenecks, we’ve listed the most common goals of implementing a DAM system and how a DAM helps to realize these goals: time efficiency, efficient time distribution, or brand consistency for instance. Which goal or goals are most important for you to have a DAM system help you reach?
  3. Determining how to manage assets
    After analyzing your bottlenecks and setting clear goals to pursue, it is time to look at the different functionalities of a DAM system. Which will be more important to you; an online brand center? A workflow module or usage statistics module? Or are you mainly interested in implementing a DAM for its create & publish functionalities?
  4. Adding extra functionalities to your DAM
    Various DAM platforms in the market come with a lot of common features as presets. But you might need to add extra functionalities for your specific needs, such as an e-commerce module or specific integrations with other software.
  5. Choosing your DAM system
    After identifying your bottlenecks, defining your goals and getting more insight into the features of a DAM system you can sit down with different DAM vendors to find your DAM system. Use the requirements you identified in the previous steps to shortlist two or three vendors.
  6. Building the business case
    Now you know all the parameters to choose the right DAM system, you can create a business case to determine your return on investment (ROI) in order to convince the board.

Compare the top-8 most widely used DAM vendors

Next to the step-by-step selection guide, in the whitepaper you’ll also find an extensive comparison sheet comparing eight of the most widely used DAM systems such as Bynder, Frontify, Canto and Widen on a lot of commonly needed and offered DAM functionalities across seven different categories.

Download our DAM selection guide now

What you will learn from this whitepaper:

  • How to assess the problems you’re facing and find the solutions that make sure you reach your goals.
  • The right questions to ask, such as: what are the main components of a DAM solution? Which features do I need?
  • And of course: how various vendors compare and what features they offer.

Download the DAM comparison whitepaper now and use our step-by-step guide for choosing a fitting Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that is going to help your business grow.

  • Are you already clear on steps 1–5 and Lytho ended up on your shortlist? Click the button below to book a demo with us! It’s free, online, and will only take up about 20 minutes of your time.


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