Why Progressive B2B Brands Transition from PDF to Digital White Papers

By Minnie Ongsricharoenporn

White papers play an important role in many organization’s content strategies. They’re often used to position companies as thought leaders and present immediate solutions to readers. A favorite among B2B companies, white papers are known to be one of the most effective marketing tools for generating leads, improving SEO, and strengthening brand awareness.

2018 B2B Content Marketing Trends — North America: Content Marketing Institute

Although white papers are excellent at relaying technical information, they often fail to maintain reader interest. This is because they’re usually published as static, non-responsive PDFs, which are neither engaging nor mobile-friendly. In today’s content-laden world, traditional PDF white papers fail to hold readers’ attention.

Many forward-thinking companies now take a more creative approach to making white papers more attractive and entertaining. They’re ditching PDFs and turning to interactive web publications to create white papers that are visually stunning and keep people reading.

Let’s take a look at some examples of companies that are changing the way they do lead generation with interactive white papers and eBooks.

Betty Blocks

The disruptor

Betty Blocks is a leader in the realm of no-code application development. They operate in a space that contradicts the general idea of development through programming, and so educating the public on the concept of “no-code development” is essential to their success.

As with any company active in a space people don’t know much about, Betty Blocks must actively inform readers about their products and services and the valuable insights they have to offer. This makes creating white papers a no-brainer.

Building a brand identity

Rather than focusing solely on the technical side of their business, Betty Blocks uses their web-publication based white papers as an opportunity to create a strong brand identity that makes them memorable.

An immersive reading experience

Creating white papers with Foleon allowed Betty Blocks to transform what would have been a dry and standard PDF white paper into an immersive reading experience that includes smart CTAs, overlays, and forms. By leveraging our customizable templates, they created interactive white papers that were on-brand and complemented the rest of their marketing collateral.

20% more leads

Most importantly, this new format helped them generate 20% more leads than they had with their previous format. And because their white papers are built with web publications, they can collect rich data on user engagement to continually improve their content.

Read Betty Blocks’ success story to find out how readers have reacted to their new white paper format.


Creating engaging payrolling advice

Let’s face it: Human resources and payroll management isn’t exactly a Sunday afternoon read or the kind of stuff people want to spend hours researching at work. It’s a complex topic that involves both legal, professional, situational, and literary know-how. But payroll services company Tentoo knows exactly what its readers are looking for: quick advice that is written in simple language and delivered in an engaging format.


This white paper, cleverly titled a Handbook for a Staff Handbook, does just that. Whereas most white papers can be at least 10 pages long, Tentoo breaks that mold and keeps everything to only 5 pages.

The personalized navigation bar at the top makes good use of navigation buttons. In addition to giving helpful tips about writing a staff handbook, the white paper’s added features provide a far more pleasant reading experience than a PDF ever could.

Subtle CTAs

This white paper is not only used to impart useful information to the readers but also to connect them with Tentoo’s team. A form is included on the last page to allow readers to submit questions and comments. This allows Tentoo to collect content-specific feedback that they can use to optimize communications materials they produce down the road.

Generating leads 5x faster

Previously, Tentoo published its white papers as PDFs. As you may already know, PDFs simply don’t get readers excited enough to scroll through an entire document. Neither do they let you track your readers’ behavior.

After breaking away from PDF and adopting smart, immersive web publications, Tentoo generates leads with their white paper 5 times faster. They can also now embed forms that link directly to their CRM and marketing automation tools.

Read Tentoo’s success story to learn how they increased their lead generation with interactive white papers.


As B2B companies compete to attract clients with valuable content and demonstrate their knowledge in their field of expertise, they must find ways to stand out and consistently deliver quality white papers. However, white papers no longer have to be dull PDF documents. As proven by the aforementioned examples, web publications like those built with Foleon can transform your white paper into an immersive, informative, and engaging lead generation machine.

Want to elevate your white paper? See how Foleon helps you generate better leads, faster.

Minnie Ongsricharoenporn is a content marketer at Foleon. She pens the ready-to-share pieces that inspire our customers to create even better content for themselves.

Originally published at https://www.foleon.com.




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