12 Reasons to Unplug Over the Weekend

The infographic below states the 12 reasons to unplug from your hectic work over the weekend.

  • Your performance ratings will improve
  • Long hours can double the chances of a major depression episode
  • It significantly improves memory
  • It helps you become a better problem solver
  • A vacation is a temporary solution
  • A change of scene makes you improve creativity
  • Work is the #1 cause of sleep loss
  • Extra days of working means extra stress
  • Too much screen time causes serious eye problems
  • Stress from work affects your personal relationships
  • Too much work can kill you, literally.



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Larry Kim

CEO of MobileMonkey. Founder of WordStream. Top columnist @Inc ❤️ AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Start-ups & Venture Capital 🦄