Five tricks on increasing exposure for your company on Medium.

Little tweaks that you can do right now to get BIG results.

Most people jump into conclusion that Medium doesn’t work for their company because they see low shares and recommends. What I see are lost opportunities of exposures that companies could have gained if they utilize Medium in the right way. Today, I’m going to share with you the five actionable tips that I’ve used for my startup, Rabbut, to gain exposure on Medium.


Blog under your personal account rather than company account.

Someone on brought up an interesting question.

Should I blog as a founder or as the company on Medium?

Blogging as a founder is better than blogging behind a company logo, because we’re in an age where we want personal connection more than ever. When I follow a founder on Medium, I feel a sense of connection because he is speaking in a personal narrative. I can put a face to the company.

Examples: Larry Kim, David Cancel, and Nate Kontny

Blogging as Kate Chan has personally helped me because people have associated me with my company Rabbut. People have reached out to me and asked how they can grow their own email list on Medium using Rabbut.

The upshot of blogging under a personal account is an increase of engagement with potential users and fans that otherwise might not have been possible with blogging under the company account.

Takeaway: Blog on Medium using your own account rather than your company account because people recognize faces and not company.


Get more views with the Right publication

Choose publications that have to do with your niche, because the difference in engagement is evident. Here’s a link to the list of top publications that you can contribute to.

If you’d like to follow along the multiple Medium experiment that I’m running to improve brand awareness on Medium you can subscribe here.

Takeaway: Find the right publication to contribute, because that’s where your target audiences are hanging out.


Research the right tags, so your post can be found in Medium search

Tags are labels that you put on your post, which are keywords that people can search for and find. On Medium, tags make up a large percentage of how your post is found and as a writer on medium. You need to make sure you properly tag your post so that people can discover your writing.

To find the right keywords, I keyword research using Google keyword planner (popular words, but not many stories tagged with keyword on Medium), so competition is low but high in searches.You can now pick up to five tags per post.

A simple guideline that I follow when choosing my tags:

  1. Pick two tags that are low in competition around 500 posts under a specific tag.

2. Pick three tags that highly competitive but highly relevant to your post

Takeaway: Use Google keyword planner to find keywords that you can use to tag for your post.


Don’t Oversell

Don’t pitch your product excessively. Write a post to provide value for your readers, rather than a sale pitch. People don’t want to read about what your product does, but rather read about what can help them get more value.

I made this very mistake on Medium earlier on, and when I removed the sales elements in my Medium posts, I see an increase in read rate.

Tip: Flesh out your profile with your company link, because people will check out your company if they find you interesting and valuable to them.


Stay on top of mind with Medium letters

When you create your publication, you have the capability to send out Letters to your subscribers. You can use Letters as a channel to communicate with your subscribers about your latest post or find on Medium.

One downside to Letters is that you don’t have ownership to the email list. An alternative to this is to start growing your email list with Rabbut. The emails are yours to keep.

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