This is an email from Larry Kim, a newsletter by Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

It’s official!

Instagram direct message automation tools just became available to all accounts with 1,000 to 100,000 Instagram Followers!!!

We know how long the last month has felt for those of you patiently waiting and the team is beyond excited to help you get started!

So, for those of you now eligible and eager to supercharge your Instagram…

Connect your Instagram account now!

OR, if you do not have a MobileMonkey account, signup for InstaChamp and get started today!

PS — For those with less than 1k or more than 100k Instagram Followers, we feel your pain and wish we could extend access to everyone yesterday!

However, Instagram will open eligibility to ALL Instagram profiles in the beginning of August, so please hang in there with us just a little longer

See here for the full rollout schedule and InstaChamp details.



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Larry Kim

Larry Kim


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