The 25 Most In-Demand Job Skills Right Now, According to LinkedIn

A whopping 94% of recruiters actively use LinkedIn to vet candidates.

Professionals use LinkedIn when looking for new jobs and to showcase a career and stand out to recruiters.

Does your profile have what it takes stand out from the masses?

LinkedIn released a report that reveals the top 25 in-demand business skills searched for in the hiring process.

If you have any of the following skills, make sure to highlight them on your LinkedIn profile.

Discover all 25 skills, plus key jobs that use those skills and the salary (national average) of a U.S. professional in that industry according to Glassdoor.

Cloud and Distributed Computing Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Platform Engineer: $104,000
  • Cloud Architect: $142,000

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Business Analyst: $70,000
  • Data Analyst: $65,000
  • Statistician: $80,000

Middleware and Integration Software Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • IT Manager: $98,000
  • Systems Integration Engineer: $91,000

Web Architecture and Development Framework Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Web Developer: $88,000
  • Full Stack Engineer: $116,000

User Interface Design Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • UX Designer: $97,000
  • UI Designer: $82,000

Software Revision Control Systems Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Software Programmer: $104,000

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Data Presentation Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Graphic Designer: $48,000
  • Data Scientist: $121,000

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SEO/SEM Marketing Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • SEO Analyst: $53,000
  • SEM Manager: $68,000

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Mobile Development Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Mobile Engineer: $103,000
  • Mobile Application Developer: $91,000

Network and Information Security Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Information Security Specialist: $86,000
  • Cyber Security Specialist: $58,000

Marketing Campaign Management Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Online Marketing Manager: $71,000
  • Digital Marketing Specialist: $67,000

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Data Engineering and Data Warehousing Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Software Engineer: $104,000
  • Database Developer: $86,000

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Storage Systems and Management Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Database Administrator: $77,000
  • System Administrator: $73,000

Electronic and Electrical Engineering Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Electrical Engineer: $83,000
  • Electronic Engineer: $85,000

Algorithm Design Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Lead Software Engineer: $129,000
  • Lead Developer: $104,000

Perl, Python, and Ruby Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Perl Developer: $81,000
  • Python Developer: $92,000

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Shell Scripting Languages Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • System Engineer: $84,000
  • Java Developer: $72,000

Mac, Linux, and Unix Systems

Jobs in this field:

  • Linux System Administrator: $73,000
  • Unix Administrator: $79,000

Java Development Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Senior Java Developer: $87,000

Business Intelligence Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst: $80,000
  • Forecast Analyst: $60,000

Software QA and User Testing Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • User Experience Engineer: $138,000
  • Software Test Engineer: $82,000

Virtualization Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Network Engineer: $77,000
  • Network Administration: $61,000

Automotive Services, Parts and Design Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Industrial Designer: $60,000

Economics Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Business Development Manager: $74,000
  • Research Analyst: $66,000

Database Management and Software Skills

Jobs in this field:

  • Database Specialist: $74,000
  • Database Administrator: $77,000

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