The Top 10 Medium Publications of 2016

Tiffany Sun
Jun 15, 2016 · 6 min read

The Launchpad You Need to Get More Reads for Your Post

It always puzzled me whenever I discovered a story with 100+ recommends that only lived a couple hours.

Did these writers post at the right moment when the majority of Medium readers were most active? Did they employ powerful connections to spread the word about their story? Did they come up with the catchiest headline of the day?

No, no, and no.

The real deal behind their success was this: big publications.

My Next Step

I knew I had to jump into action and submit my stories to the biggest publications (the ones with the most followers).

It was only when my finger slipped that I discovered a secret to pinpointing the top Medium publications — which takes 3 seconds (literally!).

Search results: Space + Enter => Publications

And BAM! I got a nice, organized list of the highest following publications.

My secret trick to finding the top Medium publications, based on the highest number of followers.

Unfortunately, Medium changed their search function so you can no longer replicate this trick. But because I needed to know what the top publications were to publish my future posts (and for my Medium course), I had to find another solution.

With that,

  • I dove deep into Google search.
  • I sniffed out the most popular and reputable Medium writers (those with over 10k followers) and checked out where they published.
  • I scanned the top stories every day — hoping to bump across a publication with over 50k+ followers.

And now I’m here to give you the top 10 Medium publications that can give your post a huge boost of reads.

Got your notes ready? Here we go!

1. Matter (1M+)

Acquired by Medium in 2013, Matter started as a successful $140,000 Kickstarter project. What you’ll find here are mainly long-form, magazine-style articles about science, technology, medicine, and the environment, written by creators who find themselves constrained in the most forward-thinking media companies who want to break out and build their own things.

2. Editor’s Picks (649k)

As the title implies, stories here are all selected by the editors of Medium. From futurology fictions to political comics to debates on different lifestyles, you’ll get a variety of “‘cream of the crop” stories. According to Quora, stories must have a ton of recommends and a high read rate before they get into Editor’s Picks. What does that mean for you? Stories that boil down to good writing, have an original perspective and an interesting topic.

3. The Startup (147k)

Led by the amazing Crew team, #SWLH stories usually revolve around: Tech, Design, Startup, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. You might think you need to be in a startup to understand the struggles and achievements experienced first-hand by the writers here, but no — you can actually learn a few useful and insightful business tricks for your own success.

By the way, if you’re wondering what #SWLH stands for, it’s Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking.

4. The Mission (129k)

If you want to master a new skill, develop better habits, expand your knowledge, or build your career, The Mission’s got it all. There’s even stories that teach you how to learn! Managed by Chad Grills and Stephanie Postles, The Mission stories are normally seen under the Top Medium Stories.

Update: Life Learning rebranded to The Mission on June 24th, 2016.

5. BackChannel (112k)

As the biggest source of technology news, BackChannel brings stories that touch upon the digital revolution, modern inventions, tech corporate giants and startups. Don’t worry — these stories won’t shove reports, charts, and stacks of data infront of your face, but rather give you an insightful (possibly new) perspective on the tech world.

6. Coffeelicious (97k)

With its main focus on high-quality stories from a wide selection of topics (cartoons, short stories, fiction, life lessons, listicles, even novel excerpts), Coffeelicious has a story for everyone. You can be on-the-go, waiting in line, sipping coffee — it doesn’t matter. The stories here will put your mind to ease and give you something to think about.

7. The NIB (76k)

You won’t find any text stories on The NIB — just comics. Lots and lots of comics. So if you enjoy politics, humor, and non-fiction in the form of pictures, well, make yourself at home. The NIB offers the best comics featured by some of “the best cartoonists to ever toon a toon.”

8. Personal Growth (75k)

Everyone hits a point in life where they need to overcome an obstacle — let it be divorce, the big interview, starting a blog, or rediscovering yourself. It’s part of life, and a part of what Personal Growth puts a spotlight on: stories that bring your senses to reality and make you reflect on the things you do.

9. Human Parts (71k)

As Human Parts claims, their stories will make you want to open a blank page and just write. That’s mainly because their writers want nothing more other than expressing themselves naturally, without having to confine their writing to old school rules or style sheets. Discover the most expressive fiction, poetry, and creative writing here — I’m sure there’s one that’d inspire you to close your browser and start writing.

10. Be Yourself (65k)

Originally as “Life Tips,” Be Yourself reveals the human side of people. That we all go through similar life experiences, whether that’s success or failure, or simply a small lesson we should learn from. No matter what story you read, your emotions will be awakened, motivating you to improve and do something to enhance your personal life, relationship, or career.

There you have it.

The Top 10 Medium Publications

Know any other awesome Medium publications that I might have missed? Drop them in the comments below — I read every one. ;)

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Tips & News on Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking, Branding, Start-Ups and more.