Top 3 SEO Strategies Each and Every Business Should Be Using

1. Local SEO

An SEO strategy, that has a local focus, dramatically increases the visibility for a brick-n-mortar business. When consumers search on a mobile device or when they perform a desktop search for products and services, in the radius of the business, there are ways to ensure that your business is better put in front of the consumer.

Local searches most often include keywords and phrases that relate to said business within their neighborhood, city, or community. Keep these phrases in mind when developing your Local SEO strategy.

An effective Local SEO strategy utilizes techniques like:

  • Registering your business on top directory sites and submitting info to data aggregators
  • Registering and Participating in Local Chamber of Commerce and community events (then sharing said events on business’ blog and social media channels)
  • Create your business profiles on Yahoo! Local, Google My Business,and Bing Places for Business

Even if you are a National Company, it is always a good idea to have a Local Marketing focus, SEO or otherwise. Networks need to begin somewhere and there is no better place to begin than in your backyard.

2. National SEO

If your business or brand is not bound by a physical location, then a National SEO strategy is paramount. National SEO is the opposite of local SEO, but uses some of the same techniques. A great example of a National-SEO-focused business is Amazon. They do not have a brick-n-mortar location that they drive traffic to; it’s all online. Amazon sells services and products that anyone, anywhere can purchase and/or use.

The National SEO strategy would focus on providing all search engines business information that consumers can search for, and find, no matter the location of the person searching.

An effective National SEO strategy utilizes techniques like:

  • Focusing on National searches; like “Vinyl Records” instead of “Vinyl Records Los Angeles”
  • Research what competitors are doing, repurpose or mimic their website copy and promos.
  • Remove, or refrain from including, any references to a certain location.
  • Use a Broad overview with copy and content, don’t regionalize too much.

If you plan on just focusing on National campaigns, be prepared to play with the big boys. Competing with big brands (Nike or Reebok) without a local focus requires a lot of capital. Getting your business found initially, with only a national focus, can be challenging.

3. Technical SEO

Every single business should be utilizing technical SEO as part of their overall Marketing strategy. Technical SEO has a lot to do with the backend of your business’ website. If the backend is unfamiliar to you, then this is where you must hire someone to help. Technical SEO is not something you can ignore; and is the most valuable of the list.

An effective Technical SEO strategy utilizes techniques like:

  • Page titles and URLs that are optimized, title tags and image titles and descriptions
  • Proper monitoring of site for 301, 302 and 404 errors
  • Ensuring mobile responsiveness, minimal page load time, and site map efficiency

One must remember that these are not magic solutions to getting your website to the top of the search engine. Whatever type of SEO method(s) you choose to use they must support your overall SEO strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the business, to rank higher in search results than your competition.

SEO takes more skill than plugging keywords in your website’s copy. Utilizing an expert in the field of SEO, or Digital Marketing, can dramatically increase your SEO rankings. Consultants are usually the best way to go for small businesses that haven’t got the resources to bring on a full-time employee.

Need help? Reach-out, I would be more than happy to help take your business on the Cusp of greatness and help push it over the edge towards success.

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