Webinar or Seminar? What best …

The following infographic comes courtesy of our friends at VideoConferenceGear.com … they are in the business of getting YOUR business communicating through video conferencing (and that means more than just doing “face time” or skyping online). But we liked the graphic so much, we thought we would share it.

Now, the infographic doesn’t necessarily answer the question of which is best — but if provides some valuable information about the differences.

Cost is always going to be a consideration, but there could be some really good reason for spending the extra money to do a physical seminar, rather than a webinar.

One thing Ryan Pinke mentioned (when we chatted about it) was that it doesn’t necessarily have to be an either/or decision. In fact, he said “if you’re doing a seminar, broadcast it live and let anyone attend” — which we thought was great advice. We have seen how “live” has taken over, with Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, any many others jumping on the “live streaming” bandwagon.

So, next time you are thinking about doing a webinar or seminar — reach out to us, we might have some suggestions for you!

Cheers! The Clowns at MarketingCircus!!

Originally published at Marketing Circus.

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