Why writing?

“There are scores of rules for writing good letters, and most of them are helpful, but merely following rules will never make a good letter. It needs something more than that. It needs inspiration, just as any piece of successful writing does.” The Robert Collier Book of Letters, by Robert Collier (April 18, 1885 to January 9, 1950)

I read the above sentence and immediately recognized it for what it was — and explanation of something beyond rules, beyond words, beyond black and white. The key statement from above — “It needs inspiration” — ring true to me. If you struggle with forming sentences and thoughts through words, writing can appear magical (which it is); for those that write, it can be both a burden and blessing.

I have had the pleasure of rediscovering writing. Not through some portal of mysticism, but through a process of needing to put thoughts to paper — to determine if those thoughts actually sounded as crazy in the written word, as they did in my head. What I discovered — many of those ideas don’t hold water, but a few, are absolutely beautiful — they float from mind to fingers — and create vivid pictures of memories, or dreams, or fears. Through those words, I have been able to sort through both fact and fiction, coming to a place where my reality is secure, but not limited.

Some people pick up a paint brush. Some a wrench. Others a hammer. What does it matter the tool used, as long at the outcome pleases you — and if on those rare occasions when the stars align, they also please others, that is merely an added benefit.

Journeys are never straight, and writing for me is usually a winding path, with curves and switchbacks. Many times, just a dead end, with that idea or story never being told. Other times, the story is cut short, leaving the reader to wonder, with questions. There are no rules that can’t be broken in writing. In life, there are no grades handed out or papers to complete — there is only these hands, this mind and a blank screen to be filled.

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Originally published at Marketing Circus.

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