The Critical Significance of Imagery in Your Marketing—Plus New Visual Trends for 2016

By Heike Young

Remember when Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco released a set of hilarious parody office stock photos to promote their new movie?

The joke stock photos were an instant hit, and AdWeek named the story one of its most popular of 2015.

This campaign’s runaway success proved the power of imagery and social sharing. With the right images, virtually any size audience can be reached.

We learned more about the Vince Vaughn campaign and the power of visual marketing from one of the people who worked on it: Sarah Lochting, Vice President of Communications at Getty Images, on our newest episode of the Marketing Cloudcast, the marketing podcast from Salesforce.

Sarah and Getty Images partnered with Fox to create that set of viral stock images, and Sarah shed some light on how that partnership came to be—and what marketers can learn from it, even if they don’t have the same hopes of partnering with Hollywood.

In this podcast episode now available on iTunes, Sarah explains:

  • The growing significance of powerful imagery in digital marketing today
  • Trends in digital photography and videography for 2016
  • How social media is actually influencing professional photography

It’s a fascinating deep-dive into the images we see every time we open a new window in our web browsers. Listen to a preview of the episode here, or download the full episode on iTunes.

Here were a few highlights from our discussion with Sarah:

Getty has a team of visual anthropologists that look at the 2.35+ billion searches on Getty Images every year. They consider what people are searching for and current trends in the worlds of film, news, and culture. The anthropologists distill everything down to a few central trends to decipher what photography and videography will look like in the year ahead. This helps photographers create the right content before demand.

Are you curious yet about trends for 2016? One theme Sarah says we can bet on seeing more of is divine living: goodness and interconnectedness will really start to play out in visuals as brands develop a social consciousness.

Another big trend we’ll see more of in photography is the extended human. Technology is changing the way we live our lives and share experiences, so this trend is all about how technology is becoming an extension of ourselves, as we extend the capacity of what we can do physically and mentally.

Marketers and advertisers don’t have to pay big bucks for expensive photography licenses anymore. Services like Getty Images make it affordable for even small businesses to have access to stunning, professional-quality photography that’s fully legal. There are better ways to share images with your audience than right-clicking and saving to a desktop—which is stealing. Attribution to the photographers is increasingly important and possible.

That’s just scratching the surface of what we talked about with Getty Images’ Sarah Lochting in the newest episode of the Marketing Cloudcast. Get the episode now and figure out how to become a visually stunning brand in 2016.

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