4 ways business writing is like mountain biking

Hands on your handlebars or on your laptop, you’re in the wilderness

julian rogers
Feb 27, 2014 · 4 min read

1. It’s better and cheaper to take pounds off the rider than it is to take ounces off the bike.

Hang around with mountain bikers for any length of time and the conversation will swing toward the latest and greatest bike technology: The swiftest, smoothest, lightest gear and components to add to your ride. Obsess, much? Mountain bikers do. They’re all about using the best technology possible to ease the strain of mountain biking.

2. Don’t stare at the obstacle on the trail. Look 10 feet beyond it.

On the trail, the surest way to hit an obstacle you don’t want to hit is to stare right at it. Try it; it’s true. The best way to keep moving forward on two wheels is to keep your sights set ahead.

3. Not knowing where you are going is part of the fun.

Mountain biking is by definition outdoors. There are virtually endless trails to attack from the saddle. Even if you’re familiar with a trail or course, you still won’t have every nuance, every detail memorized. Time creates new ruts, exposed rocks, roots and downed trees. To mountain bike is to expect the unexpected challenge — you don’t always know what is coming next.

4. You’re gonna crash.

No matter what kind of two-wheeled device you’re on, it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll crash, but “when.” And if you’re me, that will be sooner than later. I crash a lot. Not bragging, obviously. Rocks and trees win every collision.

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Real takes on marketing + communications + leadership

julian rogers

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Maker of words and other annoyances. Communicator for hire. Unaffordable. Owner of Juju Eye Communications + publisher of The Hit Job. Twitter: (@thejujueye).

Marketing Communications Leadership

Real takes on marketing + communications + leadership

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