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Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday

You don’t need to be reminded, but everyone is going to do it anyway

Copy and paste this handy email text to for re-use every year.

As you almost certainly already know, Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend. On Sunday, March 13 at 2 a.m., our clocks will “spring forward” one hour.

In the season of this, the most pedantic of holidays*, we bring this message to you to remind you of what you already know. Our gift to you, so that you will be in the proper frame of mind when you engage in bi-annual Daylight Saving Time arguments with friends, family members and total strangers on the internet.

In keeping with the season’s greetings we would like to remind you of the following:

  • Officially, it’s “Daylight Saving Time,” not “Daylight Savings Time.” Don’t ask us how we know this or why this is even a thing. It just is. But have fun arguing about it. Or you can just smirk knowingly to yourself, if you have … what’s that called … restraint?
  • The origins of DST are fertile field for arguments. Whether you’re an it-was-invented-by-the-Germans or an it’s-to-help-farmers-back-when-we were-mostly-an-agrarian-society, or a worldwide-government-conspiracy-to-make-people-tired-and-cranky DST theorist, you can go nuts this weekend with your views. Now is the time.
  • Settle in. There will be the regular appearance of many think pieces, like, “Do we need DST?” “Does DST serve any purpose?” “How come some places spring forward an hour and others don’t?” “Are we crazy or are they the crazy ones?” “How can we stop this madness?” “Will I miss my flight?” “Can I use DST as a legitimate excuse to be late to work?” “Should I break up with my boyfriend over DST?”
  • It will be almost as bad as Christmastime when we have to suffer through the annual arguments over the appropriateness of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Almost. But while that gift of annoyance is an annual event, we get to do DST axe-grinding twice a year.
  • Also, “2 a.m.?” In which time zone? How does this work? Aaaaaaah!
  • If you live in an area where you do not observe DST, please do drop us a line and tell us what it’s like. Maybe do an Instagram post of your clear-headed, blissful, non-foggy brain-fed life. Really rub it in our faces.

Because that’s what Daylight Saving Time really means. To me and to you.

* Yeah, we know it’s not a holiday.



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