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Letter sent on Oct 27, 2015

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing? Essentially it’s about “creating an online presence” build your brand, share a message, educate the public and establish new connections. Think of it as diversifying your outreach across multiple networks to advertise and promote your nonprofit or small business.

Years ago it was sufficient to have a website offering basic information about your business, an online store, contact details and an “about us” section. That’s it — there were no social plugins (links and icons to your networks) — to carry on the process of building relationships with your organization. But now that it’s possible to build communication with new users across multiple social sites, it’s important to be out there.

Many marketing firms and professionals can be hired to show you how to get set up online, introduce your company to the public, and build new connections. At Next Level Marketing we believe in offering functional advice for social media growth along with suggestions to grow your online presence. There are so many things that YOU can learn to do and rather than just charging we teach and give you the skills to be the captain of your own ship. After all, how long are you going to want to pay someone for every tiny little change and update? (You shouldn’t — and we caution you be very wary of a company which tries to rope you into a monthly fee and maintenance plan).

For us it’s not just about “getting clients”. We build relationships with people by walking through these steps with individual classes, then allowing you to operate and maintain your own social strategy, rather than just paying a monthly fee. By investing in learning what you need to know, we teach clients how to take charge of their own online marketing.

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