Social Media Trends That Will Impact Your Business


In 2016, we saw Facebook trending fake news, the beginning of the ongoing Snapchat versus Instagram battle and Twitter struggling to find its place in the world of social media. We also saw chatbots, live video, and immersive ad experiences make their presence known.

Social Media Trends That Will Impact Your Business

Social media marketing can do so much for your business than just update your followers with boring status and sales-related updates. Social media can also help you and your business connect with and learn from your potential consumers and the industry leaders.

Latest trends:

Useless to say, the evolving world of social media will continue to both surprise and challenge marketers. This year comes new possibilities and development in technology and social media. Here are game-changing social media Dubai trends discussed below.

Personalized content:

Personalization is the process of targeting content to individuals based on one or more of the following: who they are; where they are; when, why, and how they access to content; and what device they use to access it.

Personalized content

The challenge is to produce something that connects with your audience at an altogether different level. With so much content being produced every day, people are getting immune to even the best of it.

Therefore, you need to add a flavor of personalization to your content in order to get the desired results. Wouldn’t it be great to have different content for different types of visitors? I mean, you can design your page in a way that visitors feel that the page speaks in their language.

360° video trend:

360 videos (also known as VR or virtual reality) are clips displaying a spherical scenario where the camera has recorded all possible angles of the environment. When watching 360 videos, you can interact and choose the content you’re viewing.

360° video Trends

360-degree virtual reality videos seem to be the newest trend in online video marketing. 360-degree videos attract attention, drive interaction and views are growing rapidly. First figures predict better click-through and engagement rates than traditional videos.


Shoppable Instagram feeds that leverage the link in your bio, like later’s product, are exploding in popularity, and with new features like Instagram shopping and click-able URLs in Instagram stories for verified users.

Instagram Trends

Video’s dominance will continue as Instagram itself says that video will account for 75% of data in the next four years, so brands need to learn how to effectively create it and use it. With Instagram tool, everyone has the ability to create engaging content with little or no budget.

Linkedin trends:

Linkedin is planning some big changes to their advertising. First, display ads will become 100% programmatic, so businesses will no longer have to go through LinkedIn’s sale’s team to start a display ad campaign.


It’s important for you as a marketer to keep up to date with the latest social media Dubai trends and stand out from the crowd. I hope that these trends will help you somehow in achieving new heights for your business.

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