5 Things You Need To Know About Your Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

Since COVID-19 shook our lives earlier this year, consumer’s behavior has changed drastically. Stay at home orders and new restrictions shifted consumer’s habits into spending a significant amount of time online, accelerating the inevitable: a digital revolution.

The “New Normal”

People began searching for things they didn’t necessarily find interesting before, like how to bake a cake or online fitness classes. But given the situation, these things that were once irrelevant now became a need. And so, the search for information and at-home solutions began. Consumers started to spend more time online, which inevitably led to an increase in e-commerce sales and social media consumption came through the roof.

We are living in difficult, changing, and dynamic times. As a brand, you must learn to adapt to this new environment and understand the shift in consumer trends and behaviors. In today’s world, whether it’s during or post COVID-19, a strong and solid digital presence is a must to keep being relevant and maintain your customers informed and engaged. Having a great digital strategy has now become a matter of survival.

Before creating your digital strategy, here are five things you should know.



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