A Key to Success: Just Fascinate!

Did you know you have the ability to fascinate people? Yes, you heard me right. I watched Sally Hogshead’s TED talk about fascination. She states that “All markets are like online dating markets because we need to be able to get people to fall in love with our ideas.” I had never thought about this concept, but it’s true. For people to love your idea, product, and even you as a person, you need to fascinate them. Luckily, this is an ability that we all as human beings have. But first, we must detect our strengths and embrace them.

The Fascination Test

After watching the video, I took Sally’s Fascination Advantage assessment. I have to say, I found it very interesting. This is the first time I’ve taken a personality exam (made by professionals) where the results are so accurate and detailed. I was surprised, after answering a few questions, I got a full report about my personality. This test managed to describe me really well, even with characteristics that I had never thought of myself, but after reading and analyzing, they made sense. The test helped me define and describe myself in a better way. I was able to understand my strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly, I got to know what are the things about myself that are “likely to impress and influence others.”

The Guardian

My archetype is “The Guardian”, prominent, genuine, sure-footed, constant, and resilient are some of the main adjectives that describe a guardian. This archetype is a combination where the primary advantage is power, and the secondary is trust. Let’s take a look at both of these triggers.

Source: The Fascination Advantage Report

The power personality reflects a person that is confident, goal oriented and decisive. It also describes someone that has strong opinions. Most leaders have this personality, as it is a natural characteristic in them. On the other hand, Trust talks about someone who is stable, dependable and familiar. Trust personality is about being loyal, honest, stabile and consistent. For people that have this type of personality, a strict routine and punctuality is key.

The combination of these two powerful triggers make “The Guardian.” Described as someone that is goal-driven and strong. Possess a natural authority and expresses opinions with conviction. Remains calm under pressure, and others tend to lean on them as they are always ready to help. People with this archetype tend to be stable, determined, and reliable. They are also warm and authentic people.

I had never taken the time to think, “How does the world see me?” I only thought about how I see myself. I can definitely relate to the description of this archetype, but from my perspective, I feel my primary advantage is trust, and the secondary is power. However, people that are close to me and know me well describe me with the power adjectives. I never thought of myself as a leader, but people have always told me that I have a strong personality. Maybe that is how people perceive me and it’s a good thing. After all, my main characteristics and qualities fall into the guardian archetype.

Fascination in the marketing world

Let’s talk marketing. As I mentioned before in this post, you have to fascinate people for them to love your brand or product. Whatever is that you are trying to get out there. Whether it is an idea, a new product launch, your brand, or company, it needs to have a meaningful impact on consumers.

Competition is strong. Now more than ever, companies and brands need to be different to stand out. Markets are so saturated and dynamic with so many options and substitutes available that being noticed and getting the consumer’s attention is getting more complicated by the minute. With constant stimuli around us, consumers have a limited attention span. They are a swipe away from leaving your ad or page. So, you have to be engaging and relevant from the beginning. Again, whatever it is you are trying to do needs to fascinate others.

See you next week!



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