Businesses Must Have a Great UX-Optimized Websites.

User experience, UX, is how a person feels when interacting with a digital product. It plays a critically important role in getting customers to visit and stay on your website. Especially for small and start-up businesses, the website is their fist impression on users. Based on the study, 65% of people prefer to read a UX-optimized site over a plain website page, and nearly 40% of people would exit the sites that loads slowly. The design and performance of the website should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. They would subsequently interact with your site and take specific actions such as placing orders, subscribing, and sharing…Without a pleasant website UX, you are basically handing your potential customers over to the competitors.

As a marketer, you got to understand what the consumers’ wants and needs, and design a website matches with the needs of your buyers. They demand a high-quality and credible web page with the simple and limited choices because they are impatient on reading. The customers scan the whole site and pick the option they desire with intuition. I personally love Apple and Squarespace’s web pages. These two ideal sites are designed in a user-centered way, which lets users take easy control. I like how their main pages are designed, which show the most important contents with one full-screen photo.

How do you know if your website has a good UX? Of course, ask the users! So I will use as an example to explain the experiences the sites give me on both desktop and mobile devices. CLIF makes organic, plant-based energy foods for people who required quick energy but do not have time for a meal. Passion, health, strengthen are the main images energy bars give me. I am not a fan of energy bars, and I’ve never bought any in my life. So it’s hardly possible for me to visit their website, however I really like CLIF’s site design. It delivers me a story and lead me to read through the page instead of pushing me to make orders.

I am satisfied with the entire experience which gives me a pleasure to use. Firstly, it’s a user-centered design. The navigation is easy to follow. It guides me towards what they want me to focus on, and concurrently it lets me to take control of the whole shopping process. There are no products shown on the front page. Instead, it shows a small “Shop Clif Bar” click on the left to let me decide whether I should continue. The product information is easy to read, and they use relevant images to give me various vivid vides for each kind of bars. On the other hand, the page delivers me a strong brand story and personalities. The journal opens with a short outdoor adventure video to reinforce the brand message- energetic, healthy and strength. It attracts me to stay on their page with their content.

However, the website loads slowly. The report from PageSpeed insights shows the score with 35 (out of 100), which means CLIF’s pages have a slow speed compared to other pages in the chrome user experience report over the last 30 days. CLIF should work on this because it could push potential customers away while they are waiting.

In 2019, people spend 223.03 minutes with mobile. It will help you push you ahead of you competitors with a mobile-friendly website. Not having a webpage that is optimized for phones and tablets will reduce your chances of success. I don’t like to shop on my mobile devices because it’s complex to control and limited information are provided on one page. Just like CLIF, it provides the same platform and information with the desktop on mobile, which is hard to follow and use. It’s important to simplified the content on this smaller screen because the customers are specific on what they want.

In conclusion, based on user experience, enhancing and improving websites on both desktop and mobile devices in a user-centered way will make the success found in a loyal customer.

thoughts and reflections on digital-first marketing from NYUSPS Integrated Marketing Grad Students

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