Google Eats its Third-Party Cookies

I n order to make users feel secure Google has announced a Third-Party Cookie ban for their Chrome browser and ad networks.

Google and the Cookie monster

Third-Party Cookies are a way for businesses to track a user’s internet activity. This data can be used to target potential customers with personalized ads based on their preferences. My Mother ordered a flower pot online and within a few weeks our entire garden got a makeover. My Mother was seeing ads for things she liked. As she bought more the suggestions got better.

As a marketer I understand the benefits of this system and as a consumer I appreciate the improvements to my quality of life. Finding just what you need on the internet is extremely convenient and one of the best things about the 21st Century. However, businesses need to earn the trust of their consumers regarding their privacy and data are security.

Privacy of personal data has been a cause of concern for many users of tech giants such as Google, Apple and Facebook. A ban of Third-Party Cookies will lead to a huge loss of ad revenue. Google’s decision to change how they use cookies shows that it values the satisfaction of its customers more than profits. Although Google can still track its users to an extent this is a step in the right direction towards earning trust.

Sunar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company

Tracking customers was supposed to be the new breakthrough. Many firms would have invested lots of manpower and finances for long-term clients behind this data. Due to the ban lots of time and resources will be wasted hitting smaller marketing firms the hardest.

Separation of Chrome and cookies

In the long run this will create innovative ways for businesses to market to customers without infringing on their privacy and violating their trust.



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